RedDoorz near RSUD Dr. Abdul Aziz
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RedDoorz near RSUD Dr. Abdul Aziz

Jl. A. Yani Gang Persatuan RT 032 RW. 006, Kelurahan Pasiran, Kecamatan Singkawang Barat, Provinsi, Singkawang Barat, Indonesia,

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This is our “Top Property” in Singkawang Barat

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2400+ guests have stayed here in last 12 months

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More than 85% of the guests rate this property 5 star. Guests love it for value for money & location.

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The property is managed by trained staff, and they are committed to make your stay comfortable


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  • Check in from 2 pm to 4 am on the next day
  • Check out before 12 pm

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