RedDoorz @ Bukit Dieng 2.
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RedDoorz @ Bukit Dieng 2.

Jl. Bukit Dieng DD no. 9, Sumberjo, Pisang Candi,, Sukun, Malang City, East Java, Sukun, Indonesia, 65146


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Popular leisure, shopping center, and entertainment near the guesthouse are; Olympic Garden Mall (3,4 km), Cyber Mall (1,4 km), Kawasan Wisata Lembah Dieng (2,3 km), Kolam Renang Lembah Dieng (1,8 km), and Museum Brawijaya (3,4 km).

Property Policies

  • Check in from 2 pm to 4 am on the next day
  • Check out before 12 pm
  • This property requires guests that stay more than 2 nights to hold a valid negative Rapid Test Antigen or PCR result.
  • This property does not accept Covid-19 self isolation guests. 

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