Sans Hotel La Vida Malang
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Sans Hotel La Vida Malang

Jalan Danau Maninjau Barat, Jalan Danau Maninjau Barat, 2MG4+672, Sawojajar, Kecamatan Kedungkandang, Kedungkandang, Indonesia, 65139


Free ToiletriesFree Toiletries
Clean WashroomClean Washroom

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About Hotel

Sans Hotel La Vida Malang is a budget hotel ideal for you, a backpacker who prioritizes not only budget, but also comfort when resting after a day of adventure. The hotel offers the perfect combination of affordability and maximum comfort.

For those of you who want quality service at a pocket-friendly price, Sans Hotel La Vida Malang is the right choice. Despite the low price, this hotel provides adequate facilities and maintains the quality of its services.

Sans Hotel La Vida Malang also has a complete range of business support facilities, ideal for you and your colleagues looking for affordable yet quality accommodation.

If you are on vacation with your family, Sans Hotel La Vida Malang offers various entertainment facilities that will make the whole family feel comfortable and entertained. This budget hotel is the perfect place to stay for a family vacation.

Sans Hotel La Vida Malang is the smartest choice for those looking for cheap hotels in Malang. Despite the affordable price, this hotel still provides good service and adequate facilities.

WiFi is available throughout the public areas of the property, ensuring you stay connected with family and friends at no extra cost.

According to most guests, Sans Hotel La Vida Malang is an accommodation with good facilities and satisfying service quality. This budget hotel manages to provide a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

With its good facilities and quality service, Sans Hotel La Vida Malang is the first choice for you who are looking for a cheap hotel in Malang.

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