Koolkost Syariah near Stikes Cirebon
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Koolkost Syariah near Stikes Cirebon

Jalan Cideng Jaya, 49, Kedawung, Indonesia, 45153


Free ToiletriesFree Toiletries
24 Hour Security24 Hour Security

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About Hotel

Couples required to present their Marital ID upon check-in.

Ideal stay option for a backpacker, student, traveler, and business trip.


Facilities available in Koolkost near Stikes Cirebon, are; WiFi, toiletries, drinking water, clean linen, regular cleaning, and parking area.

This property has standard room types with a Single or Standard room with private bathroom. Service Guarantee is applied in each room type. Select one that suits your needs.

Popular leisure, shopping center, entertainment, and Educational Institutions near the guesthouse are; Cirebon Super Block Mall (4.2 km), Gunung Jati University (2.2 km), College of Health Sciences Cirebon (550 m), Grage Mall Cirebon (2.5 km), Sunyaragi Cave Park (2.3 km), and Alun Alun Kejaksan Cirebon (3.5 km).

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