Top 5 Reasons To Save on Hotels and not on Experiences This July 

If you are someone who wants to save on hotels and not on experiences, especially when you are planning to travel, you might want to consider fulfilling some of the items in your bucket list this July. We have listed the top five reasons why it is best to travel in July.

Cheaper Food, Flights and Accommodations

*The best reason to go all out on traveling this July! Off-peak travels are equal to cheaper flight, food, and accommodations. You might be thinking, how about the rain? Don’t fret! Bad weather isn’t going to stop you from exploring, because the beauty in it is that people who badly need a vacation is close to no one. That’s why prices for the basics of traveling drop. Food, airfare, and hotel rooms slash some reductions to their offers to make it more appealing. So, you can consider this!


Your spots are not that crowded!

*Fewer crowds, who doesn’t want that? An intimate exploration of the city that you have been craving to see is now possible because lesser people come in to tourist spots and landmarks. Queue lines at the restaurants, museums, parks, monuments, etc. will be shorter and you’ll have just the right amount of time to enjoy the sites you came to see. 


Surprising Experiences

*You are bound to see a different side of the places in the Philippines that other people never get to experience when they go there during peak season. It can be hiking despite the rains in the mountains for extra thrill, or having solo swimming sessions with the whale sharks, or exploring the beaches alone - these things are also worthy to be kept in your memories. 


Tripid Sale sa RedDoorz!

*Of course, to make traveling even more budget-friendly for someone like you, RedDoorz Philippines is having a major room sale this July! We are offering our best hotels for as low as P599! We know that securing quality hotels during your trips is always a consideration. Tell us, isn’t this the best deal you could enjoy this July?

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Affordable Hotels Anywhere!

*To make it more convenient for you, RedDoorz Philippines are present in eight key cities in the Philippines. If you want to visit the beaches of Palawan, chill in the cold weather of Baguio, swim with the whale sharks in Cebu, see the Taal Lake in Tagaytay, go on a food trip in Pampanga, hang out in Manila, roam around Davao City, and have a glimpse of the Spanish-inspired churches and houses in Iloilo, the best quality hotels of RedDoorz are here so that you can have more experiences without sacrificing comfort! [gallery ids="30852,30853,30854,30855" type="rectangular"]

To save and experience more of what life has to offer, it is just perfect to travel this month of July through RedDoorz. You don’t need to spend that much just to enjoy all the great things out there!

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