RedDoorz Philippines, a tech-enabled budget hotel accommodation in the country is protecting all of its employees by partnering with BIMA, the leading global provider of mobile-delivered health and insurance services. Personal Accident Insurance will be offered to all RedDoorz employees to ensure they are covered if they are hit by accident.

RedDoorz is known to be one of the fastest-growing hotel accommodations in the Philippines. Currently, they are managing more than 200+ properties nationwide. Its success provides growing opportunities for property owners and direct and indirect job seekers around the Philippines.

A-14 (L) RedDoorz PH's Country Head Stefanie Irma and (R) BIMA's Country Manager Melvin Juruena

RedDoorz believes that the company’s success is due to its employees. The company is committed to continuing to build employee satisfaction through decent wages, providing a healthy working environment, and now by offering insurance protection. By having BIMA Personal Accident Insurance, employees will have peace of mind that they will have some financial security if the worst should happen. Stephanie Irma, Country Head of RedDoorz said: “As a growing business, we want to continue to offer staff benefits that will allow them to grow with us. We see financial security as a key part of that offer. We are already managing 150 properties with more than 500 staff. It is very timely for us to start with BIMA now because we really care about our employees’ welfare. BIMA insurance really suites to our needs and I hope as we grow, BIMA will always be our insurance provider.” Melvin Juruena, the Country Manager of BIMA Philippines said: “Having RedDoorz is an exciting opportunity for us. With this partnership, we are able to provide insurance protection to SME employees, enabling us to accelerate our mission to protect the future of every Filipino family. I admire RedDoorz for opening this benefit to its staff and I hope to have a long-term partnership with them.”

BIMA Protection Service for SME

BIMA Philippines offers personal accident insurance to small and medium-sized enterprises’ employees. It covers burial assistance, accidental death and disability, accidental medical expense and daily accident hospital benefit. Visit https://bima.ph/ to know more about BIMA for SME or call customer hotline +63 (02) 621 4505 or +63 (02) 0918 663 3248.

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