Since the lockdown in the Philippines, especially in Luzon, is facing another two-week extension, let’s try to keep our homes as clean as a hotel room with these cleaning materials you can find in your kitchen!

We stand by these awesome cleaning tools you can find in your kitchen! Soon you’ll find [code: PHTH15ACG5AARFAJ - view details here: https://bit.ly/PHTRHunt] yourself not running to the grocery store to look for the usually sold-out cleaners and disinfectants. 

Here’s a list below and the amazing techniques you can do with them:

**Baking Soda*

*This magic powder isn’t only for baking your cupcakes and muffins. It can also clean your oven, drainage, and is a natural deodorizer. Combine it with vinegar and the foam that it makes can easily remove clogs and grimes. Try soaking your fruits and veggies in water with baking soda. According to experts, this ingredient helps with eliminating pesticides without peeling your produce.


*Vinegar works wonders in terms of cleaning the most touched surfaces in your house. Soak a cloth with vinegar and water, then wipe clean your tables, computers, keyboards, mouses, cutting boards, etc. This product eliminates the bacteria on these surfaces. 

**Olive Oil*

*Olive oil is a natural moisturizer and if you run out of your go-to facial creams, this product will be a great stand-in. Aside from that, this cooking oil helps loosen stains, grease, and grimes. Just get a cloth, dampen it with the oil, and wipe the areas that need nourishing.

**Lemon and limes*

*Lemon and limes are best used when you want something to smell good. Mix it with your dishwashing agent and it will give you a fresh smell whenever you wash your plates at home. For smelly trash bins, you may get a slice of lemon and throw it in your bins to deodorize them. 

**Sea salt*

*Sea salt can definitely be your natural alternative when you’re cleaning. Salt is a natural aid to removing a lot of stains on your clothes. Wash your stained shirts with a quart of warm water and four tablespoons of salt and let it sit for a while to get a better result. 

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