Cebuano is a language spoken by over 20 million people in the Philippines. As one of the major languages spoken in the country, it is fairly common for travelers to encounter native speakers especially when travelling to places in Visayas like Cebu, Samar and Leyte as well as in Mindanao in areas like Davao, Cotabato and Bukidnon. Knowing a few basic words and phrases can help a lot with getting around. Here are a few words and phrases.


Generally, everyone understands "hello," but for authentic greetings, Cebuanos use maayong  followed by  buntag for morning,  udto for noon,  hapon for afternoon,  gabii for evening, and  adlaw for day.


Unsa?  means "what?" Asa?  means "where?" Kanus-a?  means "when?" And Kinsa?  means "who?"

Specific phrases

When asking for the price of something, " P ila man?"is used. For example, when asking how much the fare is for public transport, a person may ask:  "Pila man ang plete?" While a general question of "How much?" could be translated to  "Tagpila?"

If someone wants to ask where a specific place is, they could ask " Asa ang _________?" An example is asking where the hotel is:  "Asa ang hotel?" or for the lavatory or bathroom:  "Asa man ang banyo?"

The sentence:  "Unsa ni?" means "What is this?" While  "Unsa kana?" means "What is that?"

Asking  "Wala na bay hangyo?" or "Is there a discount?" may mean the difference between a steal and a bad deal.

Knowing these basic travel phrases can help you find your way around, get better deals and become more immersed in Cebuano culture. However, knowing a few words and phrases can only get you so far especially for more complicated concerns and requests.

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