Traveling alone to places you’ve never been is a leap of faith. It might get scary at some point and deep down, why would a person travel solo when a company of many is more than fun?

Truth is, it is somehow a grown-up decision to have memories, see the world in a different light, and gain/change something in you - your way.

And if it’s your first time going solo, consider exploring the Philippines because it is one of the best destinations to jumpstart your next great adventure. Fun fact, this as well, is just a RedDoorz away. 

Pair up with us this September and get to the following places without spending too much. That also means, through our affordable hotels, you’ll be able to go far.

**Wonderful life in Baguio City*

Hotels for you: RedDoorz Plus near Strawberry Farm Baguio, RedDoorz Premium near Mines View Park, and RedDoorz Premium near Outlook Drive

Appreciate life for what it is when you pick your fresh strawberries, view the mountain line from the Mines View Park, boat rides at the Burnham Park, buy fruits and vegetables in the public market,  etc. Ever wonder how that feels when you’re alone? We assure you, that it is one of the trips for the books. 

RedDoorz Premium near Mines View Park

RedDoorz Premium @ Outlook Drive

**Taste freedom in Palawan*

Hotels for you: RedDoorz Premium @ Gabinete Road Palawan, RedDoorz Premium near Pristine Beach, RedDoorz Plus @ Rizal Avenue Palawan

Palawan is a dreamy paradise. Here, you can see for yourself the biodiversity in the Underground River, interact with long-nosed dolphins, turtles, and rays under the seas, and appreciate the scenic clear blue water of beaches. Feel free to explore all of these in Palawan!

RedDoorz Premium @ Gabinete Road

RedDoorz Premium near Pristine Beach

**Be blown away by Bohol*

Hotels for you: RedDoorz Plus near Holy Name University Medical Center and RedDoorz near Ramiro Community Hospital

Prepare yourself to be blown away by the picturesque landscape of Bohol. Though it is also surrounded by water, the island offers more. You can climb the Chocolate Hills, cruise on the Loboc River, meet the Tarsier, and walk at the Bilar Man-made Forest. Get intimate with nature in its full glory.

RedDoorz Plus near Holy Name Medical Center

RedDoorz near Ramiro Community Hospital

**Step out of your comfort zone in Cebu*

Hotels for you: RedDoorz Plus near Cebu Capitol, RedDoorz Plus @ Jones Avenue Cebu, RedDoorz Plus near Mango Avenue, and RedDoorz Plus @ Maria Cristina Arcade.

As the years go by, Cebu seems to be an extension of Manila when it comes to economic development and, yes, traffic! However, you can still get out of your comfort zone here to live on a trip that feeds the soul. Go canyoneering in Kawasan Falls, reach the summit of the Osmena Peak, tour around in one of the oldest houses in the country, or say a prayer in the Basilica del Sto Nino. Immerse yourself in the Cebuano culture and be in love with the city. 

Kawasan Falls

RedDoorz Plus near Cebu Capitol

RedDoorz Plus near Mango Avenue

**Appreciate what’s ours in Davao*

Hotels for you: RedDoorz Plus near SM Ecoland Davao, RedDoorz near Robinsons Cybergate Davao, and RedDoorz Premium @ The Ritz Garden Oases

Deemed as the safest city in the Philippines, being in Davao is a must when you go solo.  Here, you can find the endangered wildlife species and the highest peak that identifies and separates the Philippines from other destinations. Here the endangered Philippine Eagle flies freely, here you’ll spend a relaxing retreat at the top of Mount Apo. These sceneries deserve to be witnessed personally. 

Philippine Eagle

RedDoorz Plus near SM Ecoland Davao

RedDoorz Premium @ The Ritz Garden Oases

Throwing yourself in the great big world with no one and nothing but a suitcase and some cash feels lonely, alone, and nerve-wracking. Nonetheless, soon you’ll realize, it can also make you feel whole, free, and complete. 

So, don’t be afraid. Go book that adventure and remember that RedDoorz is here to get lost with you. 

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