The road to Kalinga Province is an adventure on its own. If you’re not one for a long bumpy journey, you might have to think about this one seriously. However, if you’re a nature lover and thrill seeker, then the Kalinga Province should be part of your must-travel list.

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Known for its beautiful rice terraces and a strong sense of tribal community, Kalinga is a place not just for the adventurers but also for the ones who need time away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

Then again, just like we mentioned at the beginning, the journey to Kalinga province is one you shouldn’t take so lightly.

Nestled between the Cordillera Mountain Ranges, not only is the travel to this province a long one, but it’s also an arduous journey in its entirety. So, better prepare yourselves both mentally and physically.

If it’s your first time to visit this magnificent province, here are a couple of travel tips that you can use as a guide for your adventure.

  • ·  The most common way of traveling to Kalinga Province is by land though this may take an entire day. We recommend taking a bus instead of driving yourself. There are plenty of bus lines and several road options you can choose from. It’s best to check the buses’ schedule so you can plan your journey well.
  • ·  There’s an option of taking a plane to Tuguegarao City and from there a jeepney ride to Tabuk if you’re not up for some long bumpy roads. However, part of the Kalinga experience is the travel going there – so keep that in mind.
  • ·  Depending on where you’re planning to stay in Kalinga, accommodations may vary. In the capital of Tabuk, there are available hotels, inns, and lodges. The further you travel out of the capital like in Buscalan, you’ll only find homestays to stay in.
  • ·  Internet access also depends on the area so better make sure to inform your loved ones once you get access to it. Though you can certainly use this time to go offline and enjoy Mother Nature.
  • ·  Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that you can hike with as you would be walking a lot. Also, keep in mind that you’re on top of a mountain so the weather can get very cold especially at night.
  • ·  Stay hydrated always.
  • ·  Bring sunblock and mosquito repellant.
  • ·  There are a few banks and ATMs in Tabuk, but it’s best to be prepared with cash before going there.
  • ·  Be respectful of the locals in general.
  • ·  Properly dispose of your trash.
  • ·  Support local indigenous products and souvenirs like Kalinga coffee beans. 
  • ·  Planning to get a tribal tattoo in Buscalan? Be certain of your decision and respect the tattoo artist and the entire tribe.


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Planning a trip to Kalinga Province in the future? We recommend you research well enough for your travel. Use our guide to help you begin your journey, and don’t forget to be present once you’re there. Enjoy!

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