Just like all kinds of traveling, summer planning can be quite challenging especially during this time. Not even including the current situation we are in, planning your summer travels involves a lot of things. But since we live in a tropical country, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that a beach trip is exactly the best summer gateway there is. 

For those who are already starting to organize their summer travels or even for those who aren’t, here are a couple of tips from us that might be able to help you plan easier and better. 

Research - If you ask us what the most difficult part of planning any kind of travel, it would be the start - research. Even if the pandemic didn’t happen, it’s the one thing that can help make or break your journey. 

During this time, however, research plays a crucial part in making sure that you don’t just have the best summer but also a safe and healthy one too. Researching the places you’re considering for this trip is the first step. Make sure to find places that aren’t too crowded and practices Covid-19 guidelines to keep you safe. 

Don’t forget to check the travel requirements of the province you’re traveling to as every province in the country has different ones. 

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Avail promos and discounts - There are tons of summer discounts and promos that are floating everywhere. Include this in your research to help you save on the finances. Also, don’t forget to check the fine print. Look for the ones that offer refunds or rescheduling because things are uncertain during this time. This includes flights, accommodations, and such. 

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Consider not too popular destinations - It’s not easy to find not-so-popular beach destinations in the Philippines given that we’re known for them. But don’t worry as there are other least popular ones you can visit starting with provinces you wouldn’t normally think of as a summer destination such as Roxas City, GenSan, and Bukidnon. But even if you do travel to a popular summer destination in the country, there are still off-beaten paths you can choose to go and explore. In this way, you don’t need to worry about social distancing at all. 

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Beach or Road Trip - When you think about summer, the beach is always immediately the trip that comes into mind. However, given the current times, you should look into other alternate adventures such as going for a road trip instead. There are many pros and cons to doing this. If you need some help, here’s a blog we’ve recently written about it. 

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Have fun - It may be because of the sun on your face or the sea on your feet. But summer always makes people happy. When you do finally get to go on this much-awaited summer trip, don’t forget to have fun - but still being cautious of your health. 

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Practice all Covid-19 measures - We cannot emphasize how important this is during this time. Practicing these simple measures: social distancing, regular washing of hands, and wearing of face masks and shields goes a long way in fighting and preventing the further spread of the virus. 

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Safe and Sanitize Stays - To make sure that you and your family are safe during your travel, choose to stay in hotels that are accredited by the Department of Health, Department of Tourism, Bureau of Quarantine. These places will guarantee that where you’re staying is safe and sanitize. 

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