With the uncontrollably widespread of COVID-19, RedDoorz continues to innovate to efficiently provide guest-centric service satisfaction. As a part of its commitment to everyone, a program to objectively audit hotel properties regarding proactive implementation of hygienic methods and sanitation measures known as the HygienePass was created. This is a collaborative effort between RedDoorz and Dr. Renz Guinto, MD – a public health expert – to ensure appropriate and timely management of ongoing health risks.

How does this work? During the audit process, series of criteria are disparagingly assessed and guarantee the following: (1) Premises are cleaned and sanitized regularly ; (2) Employees are healthy and adheres to health protocols; (3) Guests are screened with health/travel declarations upon check-in and; (4) Constant hotel adherence to retain HygienePass certification. And more importantly, guided by a public health expert!

What now? Worry no more. In RedDoorz, we ensure enactment of health protocols and hygienic standards to provide accessibility to both comfort and safety from your booking journey up to your accommodation. For your booking spree, here are some of the HygienePass certified properties: 

RedDoorz Plus @ Jardin Suites, Guadalupe Nuevo.  8604 San Jose Street, Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati City

Strategically located within the business district, transportation is easily accessed so as the essentials within a few minutes.

RedDoorz @ Kilometer 1, Roxas City. Brgy. Lawaan, Roxas City, Capiz

A smart choice with exceptional location from the city center providing access for both essentials and leisure for just a few minutes of travel.

RedDoorz Plus @ Poblacion District, Davao City. Brgy. 34D, Bonifacio Street, Davao City

Situated at the city center, popular for both business and leisure travelers. Its strategic location ensures access to points of interests. Also, transportation of your choice maybe via taxi or PUJs are easily accessible upon stepping-out of the property.

What are you waiting for? Book now! Download the RedDoorz App and or visit www.reddoorz.com and look for the properties with HygienePass badges. With RedDoorz, our safe space is your home-away-from-home. #





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