Staying in a hotel for quarantine can be a stressful time. You may think time will just pass by, but most people who went through it will tell you otherwise. 

It really can’t be helped. 

These are unprecedented times and one that we aren’t really prepared for. So, if you’re a traveler or an OFW coming home and you need to go through mandatory quarantine in a hotel, these tips may be able to help you prepare yourselves physically and mentally as well. 

Pack well. Don’t just bring clothes but almost everything you can think of that can help you pass time. From books to essential oils, these things can help you survive 14 days inside your hotel rooms. Some other stuff you can include: 

  • Bring all your charges - phones, laptop, etc

  • Cards, Uno, Jigsaw puzzles, balloons for balloon tennis, ping pong bats and balls, and other small games to keep us and our teenagers occupied.

  • Garbage bags:  the amount of plastic wastage is staggering as three meals and plastic water bottles are provided each day and left outside the door to collect

  • Masks need to be worn at all times from the airport and at any outside time (if allowed).

  • Small exercise equipment like resistance bands, small hand weights, skipping rope, etc – and use them daily to get the feel-good endorphins kicking in.

  • Essential oils for keeping the room smelling fresh and eliminating the food smells as many hotel rooms don’t have opening windows.

  • HDMI cord for when you need to connect your laptop to the TV for better viewing. 

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Note: Some hotels may let you have deliveries that can help you during your stay. Check with your hotel if this is possible. 

Get creative when cooking. Though you have access to 3 meals per day, supplementing that with your own food can help you throughout your quarantine stay. You’re lucky if you book a hotel room that has a small kitchenette.  But for those who aren't as lucky, there are many ways you can still cook using small appliances found inside your room. 

  • You can make hard-boiled eggs or instant noodles using the electric kettle. 

  • Toast bread using iron and some aluminum foil. 

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Stay connected. Being isolated by yourself for 2 weeks can get mentally challenging. Connecting to your loved ones during this time is beneficial in keeping you sane throughout your quarantine stay. Even if you don’t video chat with them daily, having a constant conversation with whoever can easily lift your spirits up. 

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Get physical. Keeping your physical health is important especially during this time. If you haven’t been active, you can use this time to create a simple routine for you to do. Even if you don’t have exercise equipment, there are simple and easy exercises you can do during this time. This would also help release chemicals called endorphins that will uplift your mood. 

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Be kind. Though this period may be stressful, it’s better to remember to be kind to everyone, especially the hotel staff and other personnel where you’re staying. At this time, every person just wants to help keep everyone stays safe and healthy. 

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