Let’s admit it, the year 2020 was a big glitch in our lives. Nonetheless, it happened – still happening as of the moment – and all we could do is to get through it as healthily and safely as possible. This is so we can finally move on and somewhat go back to our normal lives, whatever normal will be.

Even though we currently see a loosening in the travel restrictions especially within the country, it’s not to say that you should immediately start booking your next trip. There are still a couple of things you should still consider when you do decide to go on a trip.

Also, it’s very crucial to consider all of the risks when planning your trip since there’s still no vaccine available yet. Whether it’s next week or a few months from now, it’s better to be careful and be prepared for anything.

Here we list a couple of tips we think you should consider as you plan your first post-pandemic trip.

Consider taking short road trips – To gauge your comfort level when it comes to travel, why not consider going on a road trip before taking that much-awaited trip? With road trips, you have the option to use your car or rent one that has been disinfected instead of using airplanes and other public transportation like buses. This is also a great way for local communities during this time.

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Work with a travel agency – If you’re planning to go outside of the country for your post-pandemic trip, it is advisable to plan your trip with a travel agency. This is to make planning easier and much more efficient. Travel agencies are kept up-to-date with the latest Covid restrictions anywhere in the world, and they can even give you alternatives should things don’t work your way.

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Follow Covid Guidelines – Whichever country or place you will visit, it is very important to follow their pandemic guidelines to the T as this will not only keep you safe but everyone else too. Bring your face masks and disinfectants with you at all times, and follow physical distancing as much as you can.

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Take advantage of cancellation policies – These are uncertain times, and whether you're booking your flight, accommodations, and other things in your itinerary, take advantage of this deal. This is not only to serve as somewhat of insurance, but this will also give you an option once you feel you are uncomfortable all of a sudden.

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Research – We’re certain that you will research well on the place you want to go – that’s a given! But don’t forget to research and check for health advisories and travel warnings especially for other countries.

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Get travel insurance – There is plenty of travel insurance you can apply for. There are a couple that provides coverage for when you get sick abroad or one that could get you home in an emergency without having to pay for last-minute fees.

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Pack smart and safe – One of the most dangerous places you can be in during the pandemic is in an airport, and we all know how disinfecting can be a tedious thing especially if you’re a germaphobe. Not only will this add to your travel anxiety, but ultimately for the rest of your trip. Consider only bringing the necessities and don’t forget to bring alcohol, face masks, gloves and even disinfecting wipes.

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As airports and borders start opening up, it would help greatly to start traveling smart and safe. Plan ahead of time and consider all of the risks should you decide to go on that trip. If you’re still unsure of traveling, best not to force yourself and risk your health.

Here at RedDoorz, we believe that’s important to be safe and healthy during this time since there’s still no vaccine to fight this. That’s also the reason why we follow health and safety guidelines in all of our hotels across the Philippines and Asia – to keep all of our guests not just comfortable but safe as well. Consider us as you plan your post-pandemic trip. Visit our website now for more details. 

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