It’s easy to lose track of your budget once you’ve started planning your travel. With all the attractions and activities you can find in your travel destination, one can simply get lost in this beautiful mess. Especially if you aren’t necessarily good with money, your travel expense can easily go overboard. 

Let's face it -  budgets are boring. Yet they are a necessary part of planning a trip. You do not want to be in a foreign country and realize that you have no money left for - well, basically everything. Because running out of money is easily the best way to ruin a trip. 

There's so much to consider when planning a budget trip, and it can feel overwhelming at first. However, we can assure you that with little effort before leaving, you’ll save yourself a large amount of headache. 

So without further ado, here’s a simple way you can follow for when you’re planning for your future budget trip. 

5 Easy Steps in Planning A Budget Trip 

As with most of our tips, we started with researching.

Researching plays a major role in helping you create that budget trip of your dreams. From travel blogs to reviews, you can get a semi-whole sense of what the place you’re traveling to has to offer. And if you research diligently enough, you might even find some hidden gems. 

  1. Where You’re Going To Staying - Accommodations play a big role in your travel expense. This can easily be managed by finding discounts and promos offered online. However, the easiest route to take is to look for quality budget hotels within the place. We’re pretty sure that there are tons out there you can find that are not only comfortable and cheap but are also safe - and can even be visually pleasing.


  2. What You’re Going To Do - This is the part where your expense can easily rise from 0 to 100. With all the attractions and activities available, it can be hard to choose which one you would want best. In planning a budget trip, this can be made simple by asking questions as a sort of checklist. Questions like what kind of experiences you’re most likely inclined to do, or what are the places you want to visit the most, what places or activities you wouldn’t likely get to experience someplace else.

    Knowing exactly what you want out of the trip can help you prioritize the attractions and activities according to your budget.

    You can also include here your commuting budget since it ties in with the tourist attractions or activities you’ll be planning.

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  3. What You’re Going To Eat - Another part that requires quite an expense is, of course, food. Because we all need to survive. Aside from that, food is also part of getting to know the culture of the place. You can easily budget your food expense by eating where locals do. These places may be mostly different from the 5-star dining restaurant you’re used to, but it is without a doubt the best way to really get an authentic taste.

    You can also choose to buy from convenience stores if you’re worried about getting sick. The only thing you need to remember though is to always buy bottled water.

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  1. What You Will Be Buying - Souvenirs are a big part of traveling. We all love a piece of memento to help us remember that wonderful adventure. As Filipinos, it’s part of our culture to bring home “pasalubongs” to our loved ones as if to say how much we missed them. However, you can easily lessen the expense here by narrowing down the list of names you want to receive them. Try to buy things that best represent the place you’ve visited and don’t forget to bargain especially if you’re buying from the local market.

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  2. For Emergencies - It’s unwise not to budget for unforeseen circumstances or emergencies. Keep aside some money for things you forgot to budget for, medical emergencies, extra expenses, or even happy accidents, like an invitation to the coolest party on the island.

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Planning A Budget Trip can be challenging. But it can be fun as well. You’ll get to know yourself more as you go through the process of asking questions and prioritizing things that you value most when it comes to your travels.

We hope these simple steps can help you with your future budget trips. You can easily add or remove some of the steps, customizing them to your preference for easier and better planning. 

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