Traveling in the age of social distancing and the pandemic has since been discouraged. Let alone traveling with your family or going with anyone for that matter – which is understandable. But after spending months – almost a year – apart from others, we understand that people are looking at many different ways on how they can see their friends and loved ones, and spend time with them. This includes going on a trip with them.

Ultimately, this is a difficult decision to make and involves a lot of factors. Add those to an already difficult task of organizing a family trip even without the pandemic? It’s going to be much worst. But if you think a trip is something that you and your family desperately need, consider the following as a sort of guide on how to travel during the pandemic.

Research is the key 

Be it local or out of town or even overseas, research plays a big role in anyone’s travel during this time. Keeping up to date on the current situation of both the pandemic and the place you’re traveling to can help you organize your trip well. Research very well on the current status of the place you’re considering to go, and all the restrictions and guidelines for travelers. As much as possible, check on it regularly as things can change pretty fast.

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Consult your doctor

Have your entire family check-in with their doctors for a check-up and to see if you’re up to date with your vaccines, especially children. It’s best to keep in mind that there’s always a risk of contracting other diseases aside from Covid-19 whenever you travel.  This is also a great time to consult with them whether it is safe or risky to go ahead with planning this trip.

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Choose where you’re going wisely 

Research plays a big part in planning a family trip during this time. Aside from deciding which destination would perfectly suit everyone that’s going, remember to avoid places that have high numbers of positive cases even if that place is the best one or the cheapest.

Make sure to choose accommodations that implement and follow all Covid-19 precautions and guidelines with approval or certification from their local government and health authorities that they can safely operate during this time. Consider, also, going to less crowded locations and activities that are mostly outdoors.

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Consider road trips instead

The reason why many experts suggest going on short road trips instead of going somewhere farther is that you have more control over a lot of things including the people you’re with. You’re more at risk of contracting the virus in places such as airports, terminals, and stations, where you don’t know the people and pretty much the cleanliness of your surroundings.

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 Prepare a pandemic essential kit

One of the things that can help you avoid getting sick is to regularly disinfect not just your hands, but whatever else you’re holding or touching. Preparing a pandemic essential kit can depend on where you’re going and how long you’re planning. Just make sure you have the staples: face masks, any disinfectant you use like hand sanitizers, antibacterial soap, latex gloves, and even face shields. 

If you’re taking a plane, including a change of clothes for when you de-plane can help minimize risk. For road trips, prepare as much as you can like snacks and beverages to minimize having to do a lot of stopovers.

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Talk to your kids about staying safe

If you’re traveling with kids, it’s best to prepare them for the trip, starting with teaching them the importance of following physical distancing, washing of hands, and wearing a mask. Before your trip, let them know of the changes that they might encounter, and gently remind them on how to keep themselves protected during this time.

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