Traveling alone can be quite rewarding. It can also be downright scary since you don’t have someone who you can trust and ask for help immediately.

There are plenty of things to keep in mind when traveling alone especially if you’re staying at a hotel. Whether or not that hotel is as safe or as sketchy, lone travelers should always keep these things in mind for safety, as well as, for their privacy.

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1. Research – The best way to begin any of your travels is to research your destination. This includes not just the place you’re traveling to, but where you’re staying in particular. Check on the crime rate of the area, read the hotel’s reviews, and more.

2. Watch your luggage – Once you get to your hotel, stay with your luggage as much as possible. With a busy lobby, your luggage can easily get lost, misplaced, mistaken, and even stolen.

3. Careful with your credit card – A great tip not just for when staying at a hotel, be mindful of your surroundings every time you use your card. You don’t know who could be looking over your shoulder or taking a photo of it, and use it as their own.

4. Ask for a change of room upon check-in – You can ask for a change of room especially if it was accidentally said out loud. Most hotels know how to properly inform visitors about their room information, but these things still happen.

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5. Don’t book a room on the ground floor – Lower floored rooms are more susceptible to break-ins. Choose to stay on floors between 3rd and 6th as they are high enough to be safe from a robbery but low enough if ever there’s a need to use the fire escape.

6. Know where the fire exits are – Another great reminder when traveling even if you’re not traveling alone is to know where the fire exits are. So you’ll be prepared when the time comes that you would need to use it.

7. Check your room before settling in – Make sure that everything in your room works before you let the hotel employee go such as the door and windows can be closed securely, tv working, etc. If you want to be more thorough, you can even check for hidden cameras as this also happens in real life.

8. Lock your door at all times – Even if you’re awake, lock your hotel door always. Double lock it even. This is to prevent anyone from entering your room immediately. Additionally, cover the peephole as well if you’re inside the room. Only take it out to check if someone knocks on your door.

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9. Ask for hotel business cards – Keep one beside your bed, so you can easily tell authorities where you are in case of an emergency. While keeping the other one with you at all times which you can use to tell people where you’re staying.

10.  Keep your valuables locked away – If you’re leaving for the day leaving valuables and important documents in your hotel room, use the hotel’s safe to keep them secure. Also, ask for a written receipt for your locked items and coverage for a loss.

11.  Always bring an emergency kit with you – Keep a flashlight and personal alarm beside your bed at all times. A flashlight especially for places that have an unreliable power supply, and a personal alarm just for precaution.

12.  Do not open doors for strangers – Even if they said they were hotel employees, call the front desk to check its legitimacy before opening the door for them.

Keep these tips in mind for your next travels. It’s best to be prepared and cautious of your surrounding especially when traveling alone. You’ll find that you’ll be able to enjoy your time and stay more knowing that you’re safe and secure in the hotel you’re staying at.

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