Summer is upon the Philippines, and we all know what that means… road trips and beach trips! 

However, given that the pandemic is still here and vaccines are still in their initial phase, there are still certain things you need to know before traveling this summer. 

Deals and rates – A lot of businesses – if not all – are coming up with many different ways to attract guests to visit their place. Take advantage of the many great deals and rates they’re offering for summer to save up on your expenses. 

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Local Policies - Traveling to other provinces this summer requires a lot of research especially on the current local policies implemented by the city or town you wish to visit. There are places where certain ages aren’t still allowed to be outdoors and even aren’t allowed to enter. There are also several places where traveling might be restricted to travelers traveling from certain places. These also include travel requirements for certain provinces here in the Philippines. Keep yourself up to date as they can change from time to time. 

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Requirements - Travel requirements are necessary during this time to help fight the spread of the virus. With these, it’ll be easier for local health authorities and the LGUs to keep track of who’s coming in and out of their vicinities. Amongst the requirements that are necessary to obtain before traveling is either a Travel Authority or a Travel Pass-through Permit.

Here in the Philippines, these requirements may vary depending on whether you’re an Authorized Person Outside Residence (APOR) or not. These requirements will also vary on the provinces or towns you would be traveling to.

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Covid-19 Guidelines - As the pandemic continues this year, Covid-19 health and safety measures are still strongly implemented wherever you go. This means wearing face masks and shields, social distancing, and frequent hand washing or sanitizing are strongly enforced even for provinces that have opened their borders for tourists. Continue to follow these guidelines to help lessen the spread of the virus. 

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Safe and Sanitize Stays - To make sure that you and your family are safe during your travel, choose to stay in hotels that are accredited by the Department of Health, Department of Tourism, Bureau of Quarantine. These places will guarantee that where you’re staying is safe and sanitize. Staying in HygienePass Certified Hotels is now possible and you can avail of some rooms only in the RedDoorz app.

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