The pandemic is still here. That much is true. Even as vaccines are slowly taken by more people across the world, Covid-19 – and all of its strains – are still threatening our way of life.

Just like in any country right now, the Philippines require certain things for you to be able to go around. As more and more provinces open for visitors, there are a few must-haves every traveler needs. 

An implementation last November 2020, Traze is a mobile application required by the Philippine Government for all tourists that are traveling to, within, and from the country. It is a nationwide, unified contact tracing system that aims to help Filipino travelers (and foreigners traveling within the country) feel safe and secure as they travel.

It’s very easy to use and downloading it is free.

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Affordable PCR Test
At the beginning of the pandemic, Covid-19 tests were expensive, making it only affordable to those who have enough money to do so. But as the country is slowly reopening its borders especially locally, the Department of Tourism is continuously thinking of ways on how they can help restart the industry while fighting the battle against the pandemic.

One of those programs involves subsidizing reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction testing. Partnering with the Philippine Children’s Medical Center, the Tourism Promotions Board will subsidize 50% of the swab test offered by the PCMC at P1,500. This means tourists will shell out only P750 for a swab test. This aims to encourage local tourists to visit areas that are declared safe to visit by DOT and IATF. 

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You can avail of this program by registering at https://www.tpb.gov.ph/rtpcrphtravel/ 5 days before your trip.

Vaccination Passport
Now that vaccines are starting to roll out, it was mentioned that a vaccination passport might be required when traveling all across the world – the Philippines included.

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These “passports” certifying that they are no longer at risk of catching the virus or infecting others will be issued to those who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 – kind of like a seal of approval. Though it’s still in a planning stage, the government feels strongly that this will be implemented to help reopen the country to the rest of the world without risking the safety of Filipinos.

Aside from all of this…
The Philippines follows strict Covid-19 guidelines – from wearing face masks and face shields to social distancing. Certain places require travelers to quarantine themselves upon arrival, so make sure you do your research well.

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It may be a while before we can all travel safely, but it certainly is looking more and more hopeful as the vaccines are showing great results. 

As you start traveling once again, don’t forget to follow these requirements and guidelines to keep you and others safe. Another great thing to remember is to always make sure that the place you’re traveling to and the accommodations you’re staying at follow strict Covid-19 guidelines as well.

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