Quarantine fatigue is real. If you’re someone who has been experiencing this, we fully understand the desperate need to get out is very much real as well. There’s nothing like the great outdoors to rejuvenates one’s soul. 

However, given the circumstances we are still in, this may pose a challenge right now. Don’t worry - as more provinces are slowly and safely re-opening their borders for visitors who might need some reprieve from their current situation. 

Such as the case with the province of Zambales. The Central Luzon province is well-known for its beaches and coves, which is a favorite for many of us to go to. But even if you’re not keen on going to the beach for the summer, there are still plenty of ways you can have fun while in the great outdoors. 

Please note, however, that the pandemic is nowhere near gone. Please follow all Covid-19 health and safety measures wherever you go. 


Backpacking can be a lot of fun. You get to explore and discover the place deeply and at the same time, you also get to know yourself more. What’s great about backpacking is that you can even do this on your own. 

Some activities you can include should you plan on backpacking around Zambales: 

Spend a day at Yangil Village - Part of discovering a place is getting to know its roots. In Yangil Village, you’ll be able to get to know and understand the beautiful culture of the Aetas, one of the oldest indigenous tribes in the country. Here you’ll get to spend an entire day learning their way of living and just downright hang out with them. 

Photo from Coco Travel

Pick Mangoes at Rosa Farms - Zambales is home to the famous Philippine carabao mango. In Rosa Farms, you can have your fill of them. Visitors can spend a day picking them in this 12.5-hectare mango orchard with their “pick and pay” service. The farm also has an herb garden, a swing, a country store, and a café located inside if you’ve had your fun with picking up this sweet fruit. 

Photo from Start to Finish Travel Blog

Visit Casa San Miguel - Casa San Miguel is a museum, a school, a B&B and a cafe. It’s an ancestral property that has become a cultural heritage for the people in the area. Internationally trained and acclaimed concert violinist Alfonso “Coke” Bolipata established the Casa San Miguel Foundation here which trains talented children from the area in music and visual arts since 1993. 

Photo from A Momma Abroad


Hiking is a great outdoor activity that not only can help you physically but mentally as well. You can easily add this to your backpacking itinerary. It’s a great way to discover hidden gems too. 

Here are places you can go on a hike in Zambales: 

Mount Pinatubo - One of the most popular volcanoes in the country, Mount Pinatubo is famous for being the second-largest terrestrial eruption of the 20th century. The hike going to the crater itself will take more than a few hours and can get pretty hot and exhausting especially since there are no trees to use as shades. But even if you’re not a seasoned hiker, this is something you can do and enjoy. 

Photo from Adventure in You

Mount Tapulao - Mount Tapulao is the highest mountain in Central Luzon. It also has one of the highest elevation gains in the Philippines standing at 2,037 meters above sea level. The hike in Tapulao isn’t an easy one with changing temperatures and rough terrains. So if you’re new to hiking, best to be prepared. However, the trek is a beautiful one as you’ll be around grasslands, forests, and more, and the view at the summit is just really breathtaking. 

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Mountain Coves - Zambales is known for its coves such as Anawangin and Nagsasa. We’re pretty sure that most of you have already visited these places, but have you tried hiking the mountains that surround them? If not, then this should be something you need to try. With the many coves scattered along the coast, there are many trails you can easily hike. This allows hikers to customized their trips. 

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If you’re into a more laidback summer or just really want to be in a different place - much more peaceful than the city, Zambales is a great place to go for a staycation. 

Here are some hotels you can do a staycation in Zambales: 

RedDoorz Plus @ Lagoon Beach Resort Zambales

RedDoorz Plus @ Lagoon Beach Resort Zambales is a humble abode that is conveniently situated near the beach in Subic, Zambales. The affordable accommodation extends a relaxing stay to travelers who love the beach.

#62 Midway Baloy Long Beach Barrio Barreto, Olongapo City, Olongapo, Zambales, Philippines 

RedDoorz Plus @ JNV Dream Hotel Subic Zambales

RedDoorz Plus @ JNV Dream Hotel Subic Zambales boasts of affordable accommodation perfect for those looking for a place to stay when they travel around Subic and for those who love being at the beach. The property is strategically situated in Olongapo City.

Barangay Calapacuan, Purok 3B National Highway, Subic, Zambales, Philippines

RedDoorz @ White Castle Beach Resort Iba Zambales

Lipay Dingin, Lipay Dingin Zambales, 2201 Zambales, Philippines

RedDoorz @ Prince JB Beach Resort Zambales

RedDoorz @ Prince JB Beach Resort Zambales is an affordable accommodation that is located in Zambales. The hotel is sitting right in front of the beach and it offers a serene and peaceful ambiance, perfect for those looking for a place to unwind.

Purok 1A, Barangay La Paz San Narciso Zambales, San Narciso, Zambles, Philippines

RedDoorz Plus @ JJB Aquafarm Resort Castillejos

Purok 3 Tolentino Street, Balaybay Castillejos Subic, 2208 Zambales, Philippines

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