The tourism and travel sector of most countries has been one of the industries that suffered a lot during the current crisis the world is facing. As the Philippine Government slowly reopens the cities' tourism sector, it is also the right time to gear up for new ways of planning our long-awaited trips.

As we familiarize ourselves with traveling in the “New Normal”, when it comes to picking our desired destination, we should opt first for local travel as this is much safer and easier. By prioritizing local destinations, we are also helping local communities to restart their economy. Let’s support local tourism at our favorite Philippine tourist spots. One of the cities you should not miss visiting is Bacolod. 

Bacolod is a highly urbanized city located at Negros Island which is a 45-60 minutes plane travel from Manila and 30 minutes plane travel from Cebu. Bacolod City is widely known for its “MassKara Festival” and has been dubbed as the City of Smiles. Here are some ideas on where to go and what to see during your post-pandemic escape to Bacolod City.

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Capital Park and Lagoon 

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The cleanest park you’ll see, the locals and tourists who got the chance to visit Capital Park and Lagoon, will surely agree with this statement. This park is popular because of its big lagoon where you can do fishing activities and at the same time, unwind amidst the busy atmosphere of Bacolod City. If you want to have a glimpse of the Capitol Building, this park is the best place for you to visit. 

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San Sebastian Cathedral

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This historical site was built in the late 19th-century, it is the most famous religious and historical landmark in the heart of Bacolod. The church has a baroque architectural style and its walls are made of beautiful coral stones that became a witness to wars, typhoons, and earthquakes. Make sure to light a candle when you pay a visit to the Cathedral. 

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The Ruins

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Tagged as the “Taj Mahal of the Philippines”, this ancestral mansion was built to commemorate the love of Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson to his wife Maria Braga Lacson. The Ruins’ magnificent structure and scenic location make it one of the must-visit spots especially when it is your first time visiting the city of smiles. The best time to visit this place is during sunset which is around 4PM to 6PM, the beautiful sunset colors fill-up the remains of this old mansion will surely make your Bacolod trip more memorable. 

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