Oriental Mindoro in Southern Tagalog has become one of the fastest emerging eco-tourism destinations in the country. Places like Puerto Galera have long since been a popular beach destination especially for local tourists who live in Luzon. But did you know that Oriental Mindoro has so much more to offer than just beaches? 

In 2005, it was discovered that Oriental Mindoro is the center of marine biodiversity and home to the most diverse marine ecosystem in the world. The passage between Mindoro Island and the main Luzon island, which is called the Verde Island Pass, is the center of the so-called Coral Triangle.

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Indeed, this province has a lot to offer and tourists – both local and foreign – have so much to enjoy and to explore. No matter what you’re seeking, whether that may be an adventure or relaxation, you’ll find that Oriental Mindoro might be just the place to fit all your needs.

If you have one full day to spare and explore the province of Oriental Mindoro, then this one-day itinerary might be able to help or inspire your travel plans.

Puerto Galera is the key entry point to Oriental Mindoro. From the Batangas port, it usually takes around an hour boat ride to get to the island.

From there, your Oriental Mindoro adventure begins.

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There are already a lot of things you can do in this coastal area. Tourists can enjoy all the beautiful white sand beaches of Sabang Beach and White Beach, or take a dive and explore the biodiversity of marine life. Puerto Galera is also the main tourist area so you can certainly find plenty of restaurants, bars, etc. to spend a couple of hours with. You can also choose to go on an island hopping tour which would take you around easily.

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If you have your fill of beaches and would want to explore other places, then renting a scooter, tricycle or jeepney will help you get around the island better. Some places we recommend you check out are:

  • ·  Mangyan Village
  • ·  Infinity Farm
  • ·  Hanging Bridge
  • ·  Tamaraw Falls
  • ·  Lantuyan Water Curtain
  • ·  Turukan Falls
  • ·  Hidden Paradise

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End your day by hanging out in Puerto Galera’s popular restaurants or bars. Sabang Beach and White Beach are the most popular area for this.

Though we don’t recommend it, exploring Oriental Mindoro or Puerto Galera to be exact can be done in a day. That is if you plan your adventure according to exactly what you want.

You certainly can’t fit everything in 24 hours especially if you want to experience the best that the island can offer. It would take a few days to do that. But if you’re short on time, then you should find exactly what it is you want out of your Oriental Mindoro adventure. 

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