Aside from having one of the most powerful histories in our country, Bataan also offers several attractions for those who love Mother Nature. But even if you’re not into the great outdoors, we’re pretty sure you’ll still enjoy these places on our list.

Thinking of where to go for your next travel adventure? Then, consider visiting Bataan soon.

1. Zoobic Safari (Ilanin Forest West, Morong, Bataan) – This 25-hectare forest is an animal park in a tropical jungle setting. It is the closest you’ll ever get to a safari in the Philippines. But aside from giving visitors a chance to meet these wonderful animals, Zoobic Safari also offers an educational tour promoting awareness for the species they house.

Photo source: Zoomanity

2. Pawikan Conservation Center (Morong, Bataan) – The Pawikan Conservation Center’s goal is to help raise awareness and protection for these endangered marine species by educating the local community and providing a hatchery for these animals. Visitors can visit the center and pay (50pesos per turtle) to help release baby pawikans into the sea. It may not be as thrilling as other adventures out there, but it’s surely is a rewarding one.

Photo source: Vigattin Tourism

3. Dunsulan Falls (Pilar, Bataan) – One of the most accessible waterfalls in the province, Dunsulan Falls is located at the foot of Mount Samat. What makes this a great travel adventure is because you can choose to get there by ziplining from the “Dambana ng Kagitingan” which is found near the summit of Mount Samat.

Photo source: Playing Tourist

4. Ambon – Ambon Falls (Bagac, Bataan) – Another waterfall on the list, Ambon – Ambon Falls is approximately 100ft high with its water cascading from Mount Natib. If you’re into water activities, then you’ll certainly enjoy getting down this waterfall as the only known way to do it is through rappelling from the top.

Photo source: Biyaheng Laguna

5. Five Fingers Cove (Mariveles, Bataan) –This 1-day tour allows you to explore and enjoy 5 rocky points which also includes certain activities like swimming, cliff-diving, and trekking. This cove hopping activity has become one of the most popular tourist attraction in the province.

Photo source: The Pinoy Traveler


If you’re planning to visit these natural attractions any time soon, don’t forget to research and check for updates regarding their Covid-19 policy. As of writing, Bataan is open to both residents and domestic tourists coming from GCQ and MGCQ areas provided they present travel requirements mandated by the local government of Bataan.

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