Traveling for a day in the “Heart of the Philippines” soon? 

From historical and cultural sights to famous tourist attractions, here are a couple of places to include in your itinerary that can help make your trip to Iloilo City a fun and easy one. Let’s just say this will inevitably leave you wanting to go back as soon as possible. 

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For some history and culture 

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Plaza Libertad -  Located at the intersection of J.M. Basa, De la Rama, and Zamora Streets in Iloilo City, this historic plaza is known to be where the flag of the First Philippine Republic was raised after Spain surrendered Iloilo on December 25, 1898. While you’re in Plaza Libertad, you can easily visit other tourist attractions such as the Iloilo City Hall, the Masonic Temple, the San Jose Church, and the Lacson clan ancestral house. 

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Calle Real - You can easily stroll down history lane when you visit Calle Real or mostly known now as JM Basa Street. During the 80s, Calle Real was the commercial and shopping center of Iloilo City. You can still see the many heritage commercial buildings and monuments along this historic road. 

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Museo Iloilo - Museo Iloilo is the first government-sponsored museum outside Manila. Located along Bonifacio Drive, it houses an impressive collection of Iloilo’s cultural heritage which includes native pottery, fossils, pieces of jewelry, burial sites, war relics, sculptures, and modern artworks done by Ilonggo artists and craftsmen. 

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Jaro District - During the Spanish era, Jaro was the sit of religious and economic power in the Visayas. You can still see its many historical landmarks and heritage structures once you visit this place such as the Jaro Plaza, Jaro Cathedral, Ledesma Mansion, and the Palasyo, which is the Archbishop's residence.

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Molo Plaza Complex - Molo Plaza is one of the popular attractions when visiting Iloilo City. This complex is not only rich in history, but in cultural learnings as well. Here you can find the Molo Church and Molo Convent. During the holidays, it becomes quite an attraction for both locals and visitors alike with all lights and lanterns placed across the plaza as well as street food vendors. 

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Iloilo River Esplanade - Formerly known as Treñas Boulevard, this esplanade is considered to be the longest linear park in the country. Here you can get the best view of the sunset while strolling down the riverside. 


For some yummy Ilonggo food 

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La Paz Public Market - If you want to taste the authentic La Paz Batchoy in the country, most Ilonggos would direct you to La Paz Public Market. Here, there are 3 establishments you can choose from Ted’s, Deco’s, and Netong’s Original La Paz Batchoy. But aside from that, you can also get authentic native coffee prepared in the traditional way in Madge Cafe that has been practiced for more than 50 years now. 

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Molo Mansion Cafe - After you’ve gone around Molo Plaza, take a break and have a snack at the Molo Mansion Cafe. They’re known to have the best Pancit Molo in town. 

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Cafe Panay - Another great place to try and have the best snacks in the city is at Cafe Panay.  It is a homey restaurant located at Festive Walk Parade in Iloilo Business Park. Some of their bestsellers include Turon, fried Ibos, and Tsokolate de Batirol.

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Original Biscocho Haus - Looking for the best place to buy pasalubong? The Original Biscocho House is the place for some of the best Ilongo delicacies to treat yourself and buy for your loved ones. Some of the best ones you can buy are the classic butterscotch bars, Biscocho and Toasted Mamon. 

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Binakol Express - Binakol is another authentic Ilonggo dish that’s akin to Tinola, a chicken soup dish. Binakol Express is the best place to get the best one at a very reasonable price. 

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Tatoy’s Native Lechon Manok - Tatoy’s is another popular restaurant to visit in Iloilo City. They serve delicious roasted native chicken which they marinate in vinegar and calamansi, and stuffed with tamarind leaves and lemongrass. They’re also known for their seafood dishes too!


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