With its countless scenic views and long stretches of beaches, the Philippine is a naturally beautiful country. One with impressive outdoors that should be explored and enjoyed thoroughly.

Though hotels and resorts seem like the perfect getaway, you should also consider camping on your next trip. It may seem like roughing it out tends to be a terrifying thing for those less adventurous people, however, there are great benefits to experiencing the great outdoors. 

For one, studies show that spending time outdoors will improve your mental health. And since we’ve all been cooped up in our houses this year due to the pandemic, we know that most of everyone is experiencing some sort of mental stress. So, why not go on a camping holiday to relax? 

That being said, why don’t you try camping? Here we list down some camping spots you can make your way to for your next travel.

Dampalitan Island (Quezon)

Photo source: Explora PH

Quezon is one of the popular places people often visit for a quick getaway especially for city folks as it’s close to Metro Manila. Aside from its many beaches and waterfalls, you can go camping in the many islands that surround the province, including the Dampalitan Islands. If you’re game for some raw time with nature, this island would be perfect for your next trip.

Kalanggaman Island (Palompon, Leyte)

Photo source: Klook

This remote island is a favorite of many campers and outdoor enthusiasts alike who visit Leyte. With its beautiful sandbars and refreshing palm trees, camping here would feel like you’re in a resort instead of the wild. There are also fun activities you can do during your stays like snorkeling and kayaking.

Potipot Island (Zambales)

Photo source: WayPH

Potipot Island used to be inhibited, and many campers and adventurers often spent their time just relaxing by the beach and sleeping under the stars at night. But with its growing popularity over the years, Potipot Island has seen some developments. Nevertheless, it’s still a great place to get away and camp out.

Port Barton (San Vicente, Palawan)

Photo source: The Palaweña Explorer

There are other places you can visit in Palawan aside from El Nido and Coron. For adventure seekers and campers alike, you will find Port Barton offers the same beautiful beaches minus the resorts. From campsite to glamping sites, one can choose whichever camping option that would please them. You can also check tour packages in many travel agencies in Palawan that offer tent camping or beach camping.

Hidden Beach (Aloguinsan, Cebu)

Photo source: Out of Town Blog


Based on the name itself, this particular camping site and beach resort are pretty much – well – hidden. It’s also a backpackers haven. Amongst the lush greens it’s surrounded with, you will be met with the most crystal clear water one can easily enjoy. The resort offers small cottages for accommodations but what better way to enjoy this hidden spot than to spend the night under the stars?

We know you can’t wait to get yourselves out of the city and spend a day or two getting lost, camping out, and reenergizing yourselves with Mother Nature. You can either travel alone or with a group of friends. Explore and experience the beautiful places in the Philippines. You can choose a variety of outdoor activities to go with your camping like beach camping or glamping. Whatever you choose, always remember to travel safely. 

It may still be some time before we can all freely travel again but until then, we hope you’ll stay safe and healthy. It won’t be long until we welcome you all back here in RedDoorz.













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