Here in the Philippines, you won’t run out of breathtaking and mind-blowing beaches to choose from. We have countless, to say the least in every region and island that you can visit. Be that as it may, there are still plenty of them that are unknown – let alone visited frequently.

If you’re the kind of adventurer that seeks to find beaches that aren’t overcrowded or just someone who prefers a more quiet place to relax and take a dip in, you might want to try our top 5 list of underrated Philippines beaches. They may not be Boracay or Palawan but they are still definitely beautiful.

Casapsapan Beach in Aurora

The journey you have to take to get to this untouched beauty is surely the reason why Casapsapan Beach isn’t as popular even for the locals. From the City of Baler in Aurora, you still have to ride a bus going to Casiguran where you need to ride a trike that will take you to this raw place.

Photo courtesy of Casiguran, Aurora Blog

Seco Island in Antique

This unspoiled sandbar located in Tibiao, Antique is a paradise. Swimming on the waters might be tricky as the current is unpredictable, however, if you’re into kite surfing this would be a perfect place for you to try and test your skill. Seco Island is so secluded that you get to enjoy the rawest beauty of nature – crystal clear blue waters and the whitest sand there is!

Photo courtesy of ABS-CBN News

Danjugan Island in Negros Occidental

Danjugan Island is considered an island and marine sanctuary located on the Southwestern coast of Negros Occidental. Because it is privately-owned and a protected area, the biodiversity in this island is well taken care of and has continued to flourish. There are many activities you can enjoy doing here including snorkeling or diving with their diverse marine life – you will be able to spot sharks if the season is right; and you can even explore and camp in here as they have a luscious rainforest filled with various wildlife. Just make sure to book in advance.

Photo courtesy of Danjugan Island

Subic Beach in Sorsogon

Though this particular beach is starting to get a buzz around, Subic Beach in Matnog, Sorsogon is still one of the unexplored beaches you need to see in the Philippines. Getting there though can be quite a challenge – a reason why it’s still not as overcrowded unlike Borawan Beach in Quezon. But after that long journey, Subic Beach’s deep blue waters and white – pink – sands will surely rejuvenate you.

Photo courtesy of Traveloka

Anda Beaches in Bohol

There are a lot of beautiful beaches in Bohol – Panglao, and Cabilao to name a few, but the emerging town of Anda (just a 3-hour ride from Tagbilaran City) is something you should include into your itinerary. Fine white sand that stretched for miles, rich and diverse marine life, enchanting cave pools and hidden waterfalls, these are just to name a few of what Anda offers. What’s great is that not everyone knows about it just yet.

Photo courtesy of Klook PH

Getting to these hidden gems and unpopular beaches around the Philippines might be an adventure in itself. You can stay with us in RedDoorz before you continue exploring these secluded and raw places. Our rooms are the best and most comfortable ones that will surely re-energize you for your next adventures.


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