The pandemic has literally forced our wanderlust feet to stay at home for really quite some time now. Being the country with the longest-lasting lockdown in the world, our travel enthusiast friends could no longer wait to see the world once again, beyond nearby grocery stores and their city’s friendly coffee shops.

Because visualizing is key to realizing, we want to help you envision your next local getaway soon, starting off with the top 5 things we can’t wait to do in Cebu.

1.        Swim with sardines in Moalboal’s Sardine Run

Swimming with the whale sharks, while still marvelous, is a bit of old news—but swimming with the sardines is in. No, we’re not talking about swimming with our cans of tomato-based ayuda accumulated from the previous months.  

Photo Courtesy of DiveIn.com

Imagine millions of fish swimming and dancing in ball formations, and behind them is a backdrop of clear waters and vibrant marine life. This is called a Sardine Run and Moalboal is best known for it in Cebu. Tourists who happened to experience this underwater spectacle describes this as a breathtaking and surreal moment.  

What is good is that it can be experienced all-year-round, and can be enjoyed with just a pair of swimming goggles and a snorkel since the sardines don’t leave the shallows. 

2. Lechon food trip

Cebu won’t be complete without tasting “the best pig in the world,” as the late Anthony Bourdain had once put it.


Photo Courtesy of thelifeaholics.wordpress.com

Lechon being the ultimate pork dish and a must-try in the Philippine cuisine is present anywhere in the country, but Cebu seems to have owned it for quite some time already. Cebu’s Lechon is native pigs marinated and stuffed with lemongrass, tomatoes, vinegar, peppers, and a delicious blend of local herbs and spices. The pig is then slowly-roasted to crispy perfection with soy sauce rub over a charcoal pit. Locally, it is eaten with puso (“heart’ in Filipino), which is basically rice cooked in coconut fronds weaved in heart-shaped pockets. 

Carcar is said to have the best Lechon in the province of Cebu but if you can’t leave the city, restaurant and take-out counters are peppered around the city for you to choose from. 

3. Experience the island life in Malapascua

Even before the rehabilitation of Boracay happened, it’s been said that if one wants to experience Boracay before it became way too commercialized like it is today, go to Malapascua. 

Located in the Northernmost part of Cebu off the coast of Daanbantayan, Malapascua is a small Island that will require tourists to take a short boat ride in order to get there. It is famous among local tourists and international divers for its rich and healthy underwater life. 

For recreational divers, thresher sharks, hammerhead sharks, blue ring octopus, and manta ray sightings are common daily. But if you’re not too keen on diving, don Malapascua’s attractions aren’t all underwater. Hiking, sight-seeing trips around the island riding a habal-habal, or simply food tripping should be on your list. The island’s own “White Beach”, consisting of only a few establishments, quaint bars and restaurants for tourists make the beach so idyllically appealing. 

If you are looking forward to just spending an entire quiet day on the beach, meet some tourist friends, and experience legit island life, Malapascua is the place to be. 

4.  Nightlife in Cebu CIty

Being the second, largest city in the Philippines, Cebu City has been home to exciting nightlife scenes in Visayas region that is almost as exciting as that of Metro Manila. 

Photo Courtesy of Backstreet Academy

Whatever activity you prefer, Cebu City has it for you. Whether you want to belt your heart out in a karaoke lounge, drink and dance your night away to awesome music in super clubs, or simply chill with friends in a nice bistro strip, there’s a place to go to. 

While we don’t know what the future holds for these scenes after the quarantine, one thing is for sure--Metro Cebu will wait for their party owls, and another breed of nightlife entertainment will resurface. 

5. Kawasan Falls Canyoneering Escapades and Adventure

Anyone who follows a famous influencer on Instagram probably knows Kawasan Falls because he or she may have featured this place, famous for its picturesque trio of waterfalls and turquoise blue lagoons. 

Photo Courtesy of TripZTour

Located in Badian, Cebu, there are two ways to explore the falls. The first one is by taking a canyoneering water adventure route (canyoneering escapades), and the other one is through a short trek to the waterfalls if you don’t intend to get wet. 

Canyoneering tour to Kawasan Falls, expect an exciting trip that will take you through towering gorges and stalactite boulders. As a highlight of the trip, first, you get to swim and rappel through the river canyons, and then jump off 30-foot high cliffs into the blue Kawasan Falls lagoons. The ultimate leg is the third and uppermost tier of the Kawasan Falls which is Kabukalan Spring, from where the water comes.

For those who wish to take the easier route, tourists may go directly to the attractions’ entrance in Badian. You will still need to take a kilometer and a half walk to the first tier where the basin and several cottages for guests are located.  When taking the easy route, no need to be worried about wetting your gadgets, just be ready with your pair of anti-slip footwear. 


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