We all know how this pandemic drastically changed our lives. Traveling, for one, was put on hold for pretty much everyone in the world. Though the future’s still uncertain, we can be hopeful that it won’t be long now until we can all live and go outside without worrying about catching the virus or spreading it.

If you’ve been dreaming about traveling as soon as the travel restrictions are lifted everywhere, why not try visiting these Philippine cities?

1. Coron, El Nido, & Puerto Princesa (Palawan) – If there’s anywhere you should certainly visit in the Philippines once all of this is over, it would be the beaches. Being stuck in the quarantine may have been quite an experience, but being by the beach is something else – more refreshing. And if there’s one place you need to go to, it’s the world-famous, Palawan – enough said.

Photo source: Travel Palawan

2. Bolinao (Pangasinan) – Another beach destination, Pangasinan is beginning to attract quite a number of visitors. It is home to several of the country’s most beautiful beaches, and what’s great is that it’s not yet packed with tourists.

Photo source: Nomadic Experiences

3. Baguio City (Baguio) – If being by the beach isn’t your thing, why don’t you visit the City of Pines in the North instead? Located on top of a mountain and surrounded by nature, Baguio’s cooler climate is one of the many things that attracts guests to visit this place along with the many food selections and vintage shopping you can do.

Photo source: ABS CBN News

4. Iloilo City (Iloilo) – Known as the “Heart of the Philippines” because it is found in the heart-shaped island of Panay and is located right smacked in the middle of the entire archipelago, Iloilo City is a rich and vibrant place to visit. There are plenty of things to do while in this booming town. From thrill seekers to foodies, you won’t run out of things to experience.

Photo source: Good News Pilipinas

5. Iligan City (Lanao del Norte) – Looking for an adventure with nature? Why don’t you visit the many waterfalls that can be found within Iligan, which is also called “City of Majestic Waterfalls”. The most famous one being the Maria Cristina Falls.

Photo source: Tupang Gala

We know you can’t wait to get away and go on an adventure. Whether you decide to travel now or wait until the travel restrictions loosen further or completely, don’t forget to include these Philippine cities on your list.

Not only will you be guaranteed a great time, but you’ll also get to support the local community and the country’s tourism industry.


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