Because of its proximity and many hidden beautiful spots, it’s no wonder that Quezon province’s popularity has risen fast amongst many weekend adventurers especially for people living in the city. From commercial resorts to unexplored hidden gems, it has everything one can look for and travel to.

In this list, we gather our top 5 beaches that you should visit as soon as all of this over.

1. Dampalitan Beach (Padre Burgos, Quezon) – Dampalitan Islands has become one of the most famous islands or beaches you can visit in Quezon. With its off-white sandy beach, luscious greens, and clear tropical waters, it’s a great retreat from the rest of the overcrowded beach. There are no resorts within the island but plenty are surrounding it, so roughing it out is the only way to go.

Photo source: Claire Rabora

2. Alibijaban Beach (San Andres, Quezon) – Though Alibijaban has become quite popular throughout the years, its raw beauty remained to this day. We believe that it's because of the locals who help maintain and preserve its natural beauty and culture. Surrounded by white fine sands, a stretch of mangroves, and crystal clear waters, Alibijaban Island is a place worth visiting time and time again.

Photo source: San Andres Tourism

3. Polillo Island (Polillo Group of Islands, Quezon) – Among the 17 islands that make up Polillo Group of Islands, Polillo is the largest island you can visit in Quezon province. If you’re looking for a more private getaway, then this is the place for you. This paradise is filled with diverse marine life, unexplored forests, and just plain raw beauty.

Photo source: Vigattin Tourism

4. Kabila Beach (Alabat Island, Quezon) – The laidback town of Alabat Island has since been seen as a must-visit destination for a few years now. There are plenty of things you can explore in this part of Quezon province. From farming to exploring waterfalls, you’ll have your day filled with excitement. Kabila Beach is among them with its beautiful beach that opens up to the Pacific ocean.

Photo source: Angela Loi Blog

5. Cagbalete Island (Mauban, Quezon) – This privately owned beach island paradise is one of the most popular destinations in Quezon province. Though it has been famous for a while now, Cagbalete remained to be as beautiful as before. Though there are a couple of beach resorts you can stay in now, electricity is still pretty scarce and can only be produced through a generator several hours a day.

Photo source: Harv

Quezon province remains to this day as one of the best places to explore in Luzon. We’re pretty sure that there are still quite a few gems in this province that have yet to be explored, and beaches are just some of it.

If you find yourselves planning to visit or revisit Quezon province soon, why don’t you put these beaches on your list, and let us know what you think of them? Some of these places may require you to travel for long hours, but we can guarantee that it’s worth it. And to help make your stay in Quezon better, we invite you to stay in any of our RedDoorz hotels within the province. In this way, you’ll get to stay in the most comfortable rooms without having to break your budget.

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