The province of Leyte in the Eastern Visayas Region is full of wonderful and beautiful natural places you can visit. The province is rich with rolling plains and bodies of water including breathtaking waterfalls. 

Not only is it rich in all these amazing natural places, but it’s also rich in history having been part of the largest naval battle in modern history during the Second World War. So, guests won’t run out of things and places to explore while visiting this odd-shaped province.

 But for this list, we’ll focus on some of the majestic waterfalls that can be found in Leyte. Include them in your itinerary for your future travel to this province, and we promise you that it will take your breath away.


1. Busay Falls (Babatngon, Leyte) – Busay Falls is a popular tourist attraction in Leyte. This 3-tiered beauty produces some of the most refreshing cool waters. Visitors can take a dip or have a picnic around it.

Photo source: Malilipot


2. Gunhuban Falls (Bato, Leyte) – This breathtaking 2-tiered falls is located in the town of Bato in Leyte, which is becoming a fast popular summer destination. The Gunhuban Falls can be found nestled deep in the heart of Leyte’s luscious forest.

Photo source: Ehfaieram Blog


3. Masaba Falls (Palompon, Leyte) – Getting to Masaba Falls would require some serious trekking. However, the result of your hard work will be worth it for the falls majestic view.  

Photo source: TripAdvisor


4. Guinsohotan Falls (Maasin, Southern Leyte) – Locally known as Cagnituan Falls, Guinsutohan Falls is part of a subterranean river from the Guinsutihan Cave. The water coming out of the cave flows down into a massive lagoon that guests can admire and enjoy.

Photo source: Maasin City


5. Malaguicay Falls (Abuyog, Leyte) – The trip going to Malaguicay Falls is already an adventure in itself as you would need to get on a boat.

Photo source: Beachanatic


Leyte has been through so much as a province. Tacloban in particular has been hit a few years ago by Super Typhoon, Haiyan, which ravaged the entire town. However, it has continued to build itself up into a place worth visiting and exploring over and over again.

If these waterfalls aren’t enough, take the time off and explore the many wonderful places Leyte has to offer. You’ll find plenty of things you can do while you’re there.

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