Before the Metro Manila and practically every part of the country went to a full lockdown because of the Coronavirus pandemic, La Union is one of the go-to places for leisure travels by most of the Filipinos.

The popular beach town of San Juan, La Union covers a part of the coast of the Northern Luzon. It’s no wonder that visiting this place is because of its by-the-beach chill vibes and surfing experience. Such factors are the common reasons why this destination is packed with locals and tourists. 

However, certainly, La Union can offer travelers more. So, here are the top 3 places you can explore the next time you visit the paradise after the quarantine:

  1. Tangadan Falls

Tangadan Falls is technically one hour away from San Juan. Getting here might require you to ride public transport or if you have your own car, you may or may not contact a local tour guide immediately that could take you there. And, it is really advisable to tag along with a local because the hike isn’t simple. The river course, the hike, the cliff dive, the swim, and then climb up to the top before going down again are worth it. It is definitely an adventure.

Photo Courtesy of Reddit

  1. Halo-halo de Iloko

Located at Zanduela Street, the restaurant is easy to find and could be a resting place after a long day surfing or getting from point to point in La Union. They serve different kinds of Halo-halo, a famous Filipino snack/dessert. They have Buko (Coconut) Halo-halo, Ginataan (Coconut milk instead of commercial kinds of milk) Halo-halo, and Deep Fried Halo-halo. Other snacks like Okoy (a mix of bean sprouts, dried shrimps, egg, and flour) can also be ordered here. 

Photo Courtesy of Happy and Busy Travels

  1. Gapuz Grapes Farm

Want to be in a vineyard for some grape-picking? Try this fun experience at the Gapuz Grapes Farm in San Fernando, La Union. If you want something laid-back and far from the usual beach trips, you might want to give this a go. Learn a thing or two on how to propagate, grow, and harvest this fruit. And you might get acquainted with wines and the process of making one. 

Photo Courtesy of Spot.ph

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