Though Bukidnon is known to be Mindanao’s Food Basket, it’s stunning visuals are rarely mentioned or highlighted. Well, that needs to be mended because this landlocked province in Northern Mindanao is just the perfect image of the countryside.

From vast highlands, deep canyons, and valleys to rolling grasslands, Bukidnon offers quite a picturesque scene that is ideal for both adventure seekers and visitors looking for some quality relaxation.  Still, needs some more convincing? Then, continue to read on to get a feel of the beauty of Bukidnon.

One of the World’s Biggest Pineapple Plantation

Photo source: CDODev

Bukidnon’s mostly known for its agricultural economy. This is the reason why it’s called the Food Basket of Mindanao. Visitors plenty of farms and plantations within the province including Del Monte’s Pineapple Plantation that boasts 25,000 hectares of land.

Mountains and Mountain Ranges

Photo source: Philippines Lifestyle

From the Visayan term “bukid” which means mountain, Bukidnon is not short on mountains and mountain ranges. Kitanglad Mountain Range and Kalatungan Mountain Range are the famous ones, especially for mountain climbers.

In general, Bukidnon is a rolling grassland with uplands, canyons, and valleys with an average elevation of 915 meters. This is the reason why Bukidnon is relatively cool and moist throughout the year.

Sprawling Grasslands Perfect for Ranches

Photo source: The Manila Times

Did you know that Bukidnon is also the largest cattle-province in the region? This province is the perfect place to set up a cattle farm or a ranch. One of which is Montesclaros Ranch where you can stay or visit and ride their horses.

Springs and Waterfalls

Photo source: Katkatoglaag

Bukidnon may not have pristine beaches that will surely attract tourists, nevertheless, they offer natural springs and refreshing waterfalls that you can still enjoy and dip into. Most of its natural hot springs are even turned into resorts like MGM Mountain Resort and Waig Crystal. While the most popular waterfalls you can visit are Limunsudan Waterfalls, Alalum Waterfalls, and Balisbisan Curtain Waterfalls.


Heritage Sites and Tourist Spots

Photo source: Celineism

Heritage Sites and other tourist spots offer another side of the place for tourists. It’s pretty much the same in Bukidnon. Places like Daraghuyan Heritage Center, Ereccion de Pueblo, and The Monastery of the Transfiguration are some of the popular spots that show the history and culture of the province.  


It’s high time that Bukidnon becomes part of your on-growing travel bucket list. From all these stunning visuals you can get from this place, this province also offers quite a couple of exciting activities that might just tickle your fancy including Asia’s Longest Dual Zipline, ATV trail adventure, and Anicycling. Of course, these activities are made better because of how beautiful Bukidnon’s landscape is.

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