One of the best things about Cebu is the proximity it has to unique destinations. With only just a few hours and plenty of patience, you’ll be able to transport yourself to another part of the island whether that may be by the majestic oceanside or the stunning luscious mountainside. That’s why we consider Cebu to be one of the best places to do a road trip. 

Now, planning a road trip in Cebu can get a little bit overwhelming especially if you’re not so familiar with the province. But trust us when we say that all that hard work will certainly pay off once you reach your destination. 

You can’t go wrong whether you choose to go North or South of Metro Cebu as every route is pretty much packed with picturesque views and stunning backdrops. Don’t believe us? Well here are a couple of scenic drives you’ll get to experience near Metro Cebu that will only need less than 2 hours to get to. 

Busay - In just less than half an hour, you’ll be able to go uphill in the western part of Cebu, called Busay. Fastly becoming a popular tourist destination in the country, this highland is filled with mountains and sprawling hills. Something you never thought you’d find in a province known for its beaches.

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Balamban - Balambanan is another mountainous town you can go to after you visited Busay. With think luscious forest crawling up the mountainside and stunning view of the city down below, the trip going there is certainly going to be a breathtaking one. 

Photo from SunStar Cebu

Mactan Island - It’s easy to overlook the drive coming from Mactan International Airport given that you’re tired from the flight. But take some time to look out the window when you do find yourself traveling to Cebu, and you’ll see how beautiful the view is. Only connected by the Osmeña Bridge, you can immediately see why Cebu is considered a top tourist destination in the country. 

Photo from Guide to The Philippines

Talisay - There are plenty of routes you can take when you want to go to Talisay which is in the South of Metro Cebu. But the one that has an amazing view would ask you to use the Cebu South Coastal Road. Just be ready though as traffic here can get pretty bad. Nonetheless, the view you get can make up for it. 

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Sudlon - In the heart of Cebu Island and an hour and a half drive away from Metro Cebu is the barangay of Sudlon which is divided into 2, Sudlon I and Sudlon II. What makes a trip to Sudlon worth mentioning is the fact that it houses the Sudlon National Park, a protected landscape that holds such vibrant life and valuable historical pieces for future generations to come. Just heads up however as the place is quite remote and the roads going there are steep. 

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