I have been solo traveling for four years now. I enjoy the adventure and spontaneity of discovering new places, immersing in the culture and meeting new people while doing solo travels. Solo traveling is also my go to stress reliever whenever I need to declutter my thoughts and just detach from the busy reality of my 9 to 5 job.  While solo traveling has its perks it also has a couple of downsides. One major downside when you solo travel is you have no one to share expenses with. Yeah sure you could (keyword COULD) meet people while traveling and possibly have lunch or dinner with them and split the bill. 

But you can not possibly share a hotel room with a stranger, and yes hostels are an in thing nowadays but I have a colorful imagination and have watched too many horror movies to entertain the thought of sharing a room with a stranger. Thus my solo travel adventure in Puerto Princesa Palawan last February 14 2020 was by far my most economically fun and unexpectedly my most memorable travel experience to date. Who would have thought that my 3 days solo adventure in Puerto Princesa would possibly be my last leisure travel for this year.  

You see, exactly a month after I returned from my vacation, Cebu (my hometown) was placed under Enhanced Community Quarantine. All my future travel plans got cancelled. 

In hindsight this may be the reason why I had planned an all out adventure while in the island of Palawan 

My February Palawan travel was the 2nd time I visited the island. I still had some unfinished business - some unexplored scenic spots that I failed to visit during my first Puerto Princesa travel. 

Without the knowledge that COVID would be the pebble in everyone’s shoes in a month's time I went to places in Palawan that I have always wanted to go but did not have the budget to do so in the past. I explored the hidden sanctuary in Nagtabon Beach Cove. It was a long motorcycle ride (me bum was very sore after) but was all worth it in the end. 

Went to the first Vietnames restaurant in the city and talked to the locals about the first Vietnamese settlement in Puerto Princesa. Did a night cruise to watch the fireflies dance in the river banks of Kitu Kito while gazing and marveling at the stars in the sky. An experience I only thought would be possible if you visit other countries. I had the time of my life while I was in Puerto Princesa, yes i spent thousands of pesos exploring the island but it was all worth it!

Despite my money splurge while traveling I was able to save on accommodation by using the RedDoorz app!

I always had this app on my phone but this was the first time I used it and I have been hitting my head ever since for only discovering its advantage this year. What I usually spend thousands of pesos on accommodation, I got it for roughly at 700 pesos a night! A bargain in hotel prices means more opportunities to explore the city, right?

They say Palawan is the earth’s last frontier and I am proud to say that I have visited that place not just once but twice! 

Now that we are all under quarantine, I look back at my photos and videos that I took on my Puerto Princesa travel and just smile. Yes, I badly need to travel but there are things bigger than us. This pandemic has changed the course of our lives and I know that we all will get through this and get to travel again.  But for now I hold on to the memories and the hope that someday I can get to dip my toes on the sand and just watch the day pass by knowing everyone is living a good and healthy life. 

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