The most exciting part of my job as an auditor is nationwide fieldwork audit engagement. You know why? Because I get to travel for free every month to different parts of the Philippines! Yes, you heard it right. I’ve been traveling for three years now from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao because of the nature of my work and through it, my love for traveling became a natural hobby and a personal interest.

Every time I travel to other places as my call of duty, I experienced the hustles of packing and unpacking my things, rushing from one airport to another, feeling that different levels of airplane turbulence (haha! Some were even nerve-racking), and of course, waking up early in the morning to avoid the intense traffic just so I won’t miss my flight. These are the things that make traveling fun and memorable.

I am blessed and thankful that I get to experience these things starting at a young age of 23. Whenever I’m assigned for audit fieldwork to another place, I always spend my weekends for work diversion. This is the best time for me to relax, to learn about the culture, to meet new people, and to explore the beautiful sceneries and tourist destinations in that particular place. Let me share with you my most memorable travel experience from the different islands of the Philippines!

Let’s start with LUZON, the largest and most populous island in the Country. I’ve been to the different cities of Metro Manila and I’ve experienced living independently in the Metro for more than two years because of work. Many travelers would want to start their Luzon journey in the Metro because of the accessibility of the airport and bus terminals. When it comes to an overnight stay to rest and to prepare for tomorrow’s Luzon trip, RedDoorz Hotel is the most convenient and budget-friendly place to stay for travelers because these are located everywhere around the City.

In North Luzon, I was able to explore the beautiful Cauayan City in Isabela during the year 2018 and 2019. They have the best taste of Pancit Batil Patong to satisfy my pancit cravings. Haha!. SM City Cauayan was located in front of the main road for easy access to mall-goers. The best part of that trip was exploring the Japanese Tunnel at Ilagan, Isabela, and an onsite tour of one of the rice milling companies where I learned how rice was being processed and how it was produced for distribution to various parts of the Country. Isabela is very rich in natural resources and very rich in rice plantation.

In South Luzon, my most memorable travel experience was in Legazpi, Albay located in the Bicol Region. It was in the year 2018. Guess what? I was able to take a closer look at the perfect-shaped Mayon Volcano! And not just that, I also visited the Mayon Laboratory right at the foot of Mayon! On top of that journey, my colleagues and I went to try the Mayon SkyDive ATV Adventure around the scenic view of the Volcano. It was also an overwhelming experience to be able to finally visit the ancient Daraga Church and the historical Cagsawa Ruins that I only saw in my Civics and Culture books when I was in grade school. In terms of food, it was my first time to try their Sili Ice Cream (Spicy Ice Cream) made out of coconut cream and siling labuyo.

In the same year, I also visited the Taal Volcano in Tagaytay. It was also memorable since it was a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) trip with no itineraries at all but my friend and I just went to get lost and to explore the place while commuting with whatever transportation is available. Haha!. As long as we have our internet data and google maps, we were good to go. That’s how spontaneous we were!

VISAYAS is a place where I feel at peace because it is where my home is located, Cebu. I have already explored Cebu ever since when I was a kid. The most beautiful beaches, water resources, and tourist spots are located in Cebu along with accessible malls, and budget-friendly hotels such as RedDoorz, which is very suitable for backpackers and travelers like me. Aside from Cebu, I also love my travel experience at Kalanggaman Island, located in Palompon, Leyte during the year 2019.

If you are looking for the best island experience, this island is indeed one for the books! From fine-grained sand, to clear blue water and fresh air, everything that an adventurous traveler wants to experience is here. The place is extremely wonderful and one of a kind. My colleagues and I spent a whole night camping in the area. We played cards and we chatted and laughed all night long. The food prepared by our traveling agency was super duper delicious! We had seafood throughout that island experience. My Bohol experience was great too! The encounter of being able to eat dead crispy worms in Bohol was very unforgettable and a check-off on my bucket list. Exotic yet awesome indeed! The Loboc River Cruise Floating Restaurant was the best food experience in my Visayas Travel together with a very beautiful view of the mountains surrounding the Loboc River that can increase your appetite even more

Now here we go to the land of promise, MINDANAO. The first place that I visited on this island was the magnificent Cagayan de Oro City in 2019! The City was absolutely nice and the people were so polite. We went to Dahilayan Forest Adventure Park which was located in Bukidnon, just a couple of hours away from Cagayan De Oro City. It was a great adventure; my colleagues and I did a lot of activities such as the forest luge, the bumper boat, the hanging bridge and the craziest one was the 840m with a drop of 100m zipline or otherwise known as “Asia’s 1st Longest Zipline”! What a crazy and fun adventure park it was!

I also travelled to Davao City just this year. RedDoorz Hotels were just around the corner to help travelers have a comfortable place to stay at a very affordable price.  My favorite part of my stay in Davao was my early morning jogging and zumba at People’s Park and the chance to try the fresh Durian fruit at Magsaysay Park. We also went to Sumilon Island for a swim. The Roxas Night Market was absolutely exciting because there were so many different kinds of food that you can choose from! I always end with a full stomach every time I visit that place! Hahaha!

The last but not the least was the marvelous Zamboanga City! Yes, I was able to visit the city located at the south western tip of Mindanao! The best part was the food trip! They have the best Crabs (also known as “Curacha”) in the entire Philippines and travelers eat these along with their very famous “Chavacano Sauce”. Wow! It was absolutely delicious! Their buildings and sculptures were “Spanish” inspired as part of their historical foundation. They have colorful Vintas everywhere as part of their culture and festivals. Mindanao was an amazing place and I always dream of coming back here soon!

The best decision I had ever made at such a young age was to travel. Since I had already reached my goal of traveling the Philippines, my ultimate goal soon is to travel outside the Philippines. Don’t forget to always include in your travel plans the hotels that you are planning to stay-in! Choosing the best hotels that is convenient and within your budget would make your stay a lot more memorable! Tah-tah!!!

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