It’s not a surprise that when you ask tourists about the Philippines, most of them would immediately say Boracay. Without a doubt, this island paradise is one of the places that has placed the country on the map. That is why it is no surprise that people keep coming back. 

Now that Boracay has reopened from its month-long deep cleaning and then, of course, the lockdown, we can certainly say that Boracay is much more magnificent than what we can remember. So if you’re dying to visit this paradise soon, our top beach destinations within the island might help you plan your trip better. 

White Beach - It wouldn’t be a list of Boracay beaches if the fame White Beach isn’t part of it. The famous stretch of fine white sand and crystal clear blue water is a must-visit destination. Here you can easily spend an entire day just basking under the sun or having some fun in the water. It’s also the perfect place to witness the amazing Boracay sunset. 

Photo from Guide to the Philippines

Diniwid Beach - A little further out from White Beach, Diniwid is located in a more secluded area of the island. It offers a pleasant reprieve from the busier spots but still has that marvelous Boracay scenery. 

Photo from My Boracay Guide

Puka Beach - Though Puka Beach is another well-known spot on the island, it’s still one of the less developed areas, making it less busy than most. There are only a few shops and restaurants in the area. But because of this, prices are steeper than the rest of the island. It’s a great beach to go kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming, and even beach bumming without having to worry about big crowds. 

Photo from Boracay Compass

Tambisaan Beach - If you want to enjoy activities that involve some underwater fun, Tambisaan Beach is the spot to visit. Most people visit this beach to go snorkeling and free diving at it houses most of the island’s marine life. 

Photo from Jon to the World

Bulabog Beach - Now, if you’re seeking a more thrilling adventure, Bulabog Beach is where you can learn kiteboarding and windsurfing. It’s a great place to experience another side of the island that most don’t often visit. 

Photo from Asia Pacific Tour 

Have you decided which beach destination to visit in Boracay? 

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Don't forget to research the latest updates regarding the Covid-19 guidelines and to follow all health and safety measures implemented by both the national and local authorities.

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