Most people would often think about the Chocolate Hills when Bohol is mentioned. Though it is indeed the most famous tourist destination in the province, we’ve seen how Bohol is slowly getting recognized as a beach destination in recent years. 

With pristine beaches, palm tree-filled surroundings, and crystal blue waters, Bohol should be on your top beach destinations here in the Philippines. We’ve listed down 5 reasons - beaches - why. 

Alona Beach - Without a doubt the magnificent Alona Beach is the most famous beach in Bohol. It’s known for its fine white sand and turquoise clear water. Its marine life is also abundant and is something guests would often boast about. 

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Balicasag Island - Known for its nearly-perfect circular shape, this island town in Bohol is a true tropical island paradise. Though its sand isn’t as white as the other beaches, its idyllic charm comes from the calming movement of the waters and the luscious trove of trees that surrounds its beach. 

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Bikini Beach - Not many tourists visit Bikini Beach. You’ll find that it’s mostly locals who frequented this place, which preserves its untouched beauty. However, we won’t be surprised if it becomes really popular in the future as it boasts a white daddy beach and clear refreshing waters that change depending on the time and tide. 

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Dumaluan Beach - What attracts tourists from all over to Dumaluan Beach is how calm and relaxing the waters are here. It’s a favorite for families who have younger children because of how safe it is. 

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Virgin Island Beach - This place is dubbed the “hidden oasis” because it only comes out during low tide. That’s why only a few get to experience this hidden paradise. However, if you do get lucky and be able to spend a few hours here, you’ll immediately know that you’re amidst nature’s beauty. 

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Have you decided which beach destination to visit in Bohol? 

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Don't forget to research the latest updates regarding the Covid-19 guidelines and to follow all health and safety measures implemented by both the national and local authorities.

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