Mindanao may not be as popular as a beach destination compared to Luzon and Visayas. However, this notion is slowly becoming changed. 

With the rise of Siargao’s fame, more and more people are becoming aware of the raw natural beauty of the southernmost part of the archipelago including some of its beautiful beaches. And because these beaches are not as visited often compare to beaches in the other islands, their unspoiled beauty attracts visitors more. 

Here are our top 5 best beaches in Mindanao you should add to your travel bucket list if you haven’t yet. 

Daku Island in Siargao - Daku Island is among the 3 major islands you can visit while you’re in Siargao. It’s the ultimate tropical paradise with its crystal clear cerulean water, fine white sand, and tall towering coconut trees. 

Photo from Viento del Mar

Malamawi Beach in Basilan - If there’s a beach destination that could be dubbed as the least visited one, it would have to be Malamawi Beach. Not because it’s new or anything. But it’s mostly because of challenging it is to get there plus the negative gossip that surrounds this particular part of Mindanao. However, if you find the strength and courage to actually go there, you won’t be disappointed with what you will see and experience. 

Photo from The Pinoy Traveler

Great Santa Cruz Island in Zamboanga - Not impressed with fine white sand? How about a fine pink one? If yes, then Santa Cruz Island is the beach destination you should definitely include in your future travels. Aside from that, you’ll get to see colorful Vinta boats to include in your photo ops. 

Photo from Out of Town Blog

Gumasa Beach in Saranggani - If Pagudpud is the Boracay of Luzon, then Gumasa Beach is the one in Mindanao. Being located in the province known as the Tuna Capital of the Philippines, you’re trip there will certainly be one refreshing one. 

Photo from ABS CBN News

White Island in Camiguin - For being the second-smallest province and island in the country, Camiguin packs quite a punch. The term “as above, so below” is the perfect way to describe this place because of how beautiful the sceneries are in both land and underwater. White Island is no exception to that even though it’s just a sand bar. 

Photo from Jonny Melon

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