There are two kinds of travelers in this world: those who love to bask under the sun and those who love to dance in the rain. Some people find the dry season as the best time to go on an adventure while others enjoy seeing the world in a gloomy sky and rainy weather.

The Philippines climate has two main seasons: the dry season, which is from October to May; the rainy season, which is from June to August. If you are one of those who are looking for the most breathtaking landscapes in the tropics, then the season of rain is the best time for you to travel. For some reason, this season adds a magical feeling to the normal sceneries, making the mountains and trees to be greener and alive, in short vegetation during these months, is at its most lush. 

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Tagaytay - If the sweater weather excites you, then Tagaytay is an ideal place for you to visit. Enjoy a quick getaway to the famous go-to destination, south of Manila. This is the perfect place for those weekend wanderers who are looking for a place to relax, unwind, and be one with nature. There are a lot of activities you can do in Tagaytay, your family can hang out at the Picnic Grove or Sky Ranch where you can try horseback riding, zipline, theme park rides, and eco-trail. You can also catch a glimpse of Taal Lake and Volcano while sipping your favorite cup of coffee at the coffee shops along Aguinaldo Highway. 

Baler, Aurora - The town of Baler is the capital of Aurora province, which is roughly a 6-hour drive from Manila. Baler is the home to some of Luzon's pristine beaches such as 
Sabang Beach and Cemento Beach which are popularly known for its powerful waves. During the rainy season, Baler becomes a natural footer's heaven because the waves tend to be bigger and the beaches are less crowded. Aside from these surfing spots, this place also has to offer to non-surfers. Tourists can take a detour at Dicasalarin Cove and experience the majestic beauty of a white beach at the base of the mountain. You can also access the famous LightHouse from the cove, which is just a few stories climb to have 360-view of the coast of Baler. 

Bacolod - Nothing beats a spicy chicken inasal with rice and a bowl of Kansi on a cold day in Bacolod. Aside from the well-known Ruins, when visiting the City of Smile, one must
not skip food tripping in the famous Manokan Country or what the locals call the "chicken alley" in Bacolod, the city's food scene is unparalleled. You can continue your gastronomic adventure in Lacson Street where you can find Calea Pastries & Coffee and Felicia's Pastry Shop, and don't miss the chance to taste Bacolod’s original delicacies desserts. 

Cagayan de Oro - If you're an adrenaline junkie, Cagayan de Oro's great whitewater rafting will surely give you a fun and memorable escape. They say rivers come to life during the rainy season, not to mention rain can make your experience a rapid thrill. So, why not go on a water adventure on rainy days? There are a lot of tours and agencies you can hire to organize your rafting itinerary. To ensure your safety, make sure to hire a professional especially when you are just a beginner. 

Don't let the rainy season stop you from discovering new places! The journey during monsoons can be unpredictable but it is the unexpected events in our lives that can make it worthwhile.

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