We all love traveling to Tagaytay because it’s one of the most accessible places to go to for that much-needed time away from the concrete jungle. It is the perfect retreat if one wants to be with Mother Nature and cooler weather. 

But as time passed by, and more and more people come to Tagaytay, the natural beauty of the place can get overlooked as it becomes more commercialized. Not that we think it’s a bad thing - but with the many establishments being built, it’s easy for visitors to choose them over some places that make Tagaytay for its true beauty such as the parks. 

These parks in Tagaytay have been offering many tourists a safe, quiet, and relaxing place for years now. And if you think they aren’t worth visiting anymore, then clearly you should think again. 

Photo from Cavite 

People’s Park in the Sky - Originally named as Palace in the Sky, People’s Park is a historical urban park in Tagaytay. It was constructed to accommodate former US President Ronald Reagan during his visit but was incompleted when the trip got canceled. Later on, it was converted into a park. It is located at the top of Mt. Sungay which gives a breathtaking view of the city. 

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Tagaytay Picnic Grove - Known as Tagaytay’s most popular park to visit, Tagaytay Picnic Grove is filled with many exciting activities that both kids and adults will be able to enjoy. Some of these include an eco-trail, horseback riding, zipline, cable rides, which can be enjoyed with an amazing view and the cool Tagaytay weather. 

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Sky Ranch Tagaytay - Technically an amusement park, you can still enjoy a fun and exciting time when you hang out at Sky Ranch. Compared to the other parks, however, this one can get pretty noisy and busy. 

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Fantasy World - Fantasy World is an abandoned theme park which for some people might find creepy. But for some, it’s an interesting place to have some relaxing time with a different surrounding. 

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