We’re certain that you already know that Zambales is among the easiest provinces you can visit. A favorite especially for quick getaways, Zambales offers plenty of coves and beaches, and tourist attractions that all sorts of travelers will be able to enjoy. 

On this list, we’ve written down several new ones you can visit and do while you’re in Zambales. These can also be places or activities that most visitors aren’t familiar with. 

Inflatable Island Subic - Opened last 2017, this water theme park has become quite popular for tourists over the years. However, it has continued to expand - now stretching to the size of 10 basketball courts - making it a great place to visit all over again if you have. It’s perfect for families and groups of friends to enjoy together. 

Photo from @inflatableisland

El Kabayo Stables - Not many know tourists know this but Zambales has a horse ranch that you can visit even if you’re not a trained equestrian. In El Kabayo Stables, you can learn how to ride horses or even just hang out with them. This luscious farm not only offers horseback riding but also takes good care of the animal’s overall well-being. You can also visit El Kabayo Falls while you’re here. 

Photo from Bride Worthy

Rosa Farms - Zambales is home to the famous Philippine carabao mango. In Rosa Farms, you can have your fill of them. Visitors can spend a day picking them in this 12.5-hectare mango orchard with their “pick and pay” service. The farm also has an herb garden, a swing, a country store, and a café located inside if you’ve had your fun with picking up this sweet fruit. 

Photo from Start to Finish Travel Blog

Botolan Wildlife Farm - Opened in 2000, the Botolan Wild Farm is a 55,000 sqm hectare family-run ranch. Here, you’ll get to see a variety of wild animals and plants from all across the world such as a Siberian Tiger and the Philippines’ Brown Deer. 

Photo from Inspirock

We know that Zambales is famous for its coves and beaches. However, there are still plenty of other things and places to visit while you’re there. These are just some of them you can check out on your next trip. 

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