Being as it is the biggest city within Metro Manila, Quezon City offers a variety of places you can visit. From huge commercial malls to historical places, visitors can find a lot of places to go here. You can even go visit nature tourist spots if that’s something you’re interested in.

Yes, you read that right.

In the heart of the bustling city, you can find several nature spots to visit for some relaxation and a quick escape from the hustle of the concrete jungle.

Whether you visit them by yourself or with your loved ones, this nature tourist spots in Quezon City will make you feel like you’re no longer the metro.

La Mesa Eco Park

is said that it is a protected watershed and the last rainforest in Metro Manila. Its man-made lake serves as a resource for nearby residents. This sanctuary is surrounded by a 2000 hectare of forest and nature trails, perfect for those who wish to have a quick weekend hike. Aside from going on a picnic, there are some activities you can enjoy within the park such as archery, fishing, rock climbing and you can even enjoy watching some wildlife like butterflies, birds, and fishes.

Photo source: Explora

Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center

This vast area – 22.7 hectares, to be exact – is the perfect refreshing spot for those who love the outdoors. Right smack in the middle of the city, it can be easily accessible for those who need to go on morning jogs and even some afternoon relaxation.

For those who love animals, you’ll find that the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center serves as a repository and rehabilitation center for different kinds of animals. You’ll be able to see many of them roaming around including some exotic ones like Palawan Bearded pigs and Philippine deer.

Photo source: DENR-BMB

Quezon Memorial Circle

If you want to get to know the city and who it was named after, then Quezon Memorial Circle is the place to go to.

This national park has a lot to offer for its visitors including museums, galleries, and a heritage house. All of which revolves around the late President’s Manuel L. Quezon’s life, as well as, the rich history of the city itself. Visitors won’t run out of activities to do upon visiting. There are also different attractions depending on the month, and you can find many food cafes and stalls, so you won’t need to leave the park anymore.

Photo source: Good Free Photos

University of The Philippines Diliman

The University of the Philippines may be known for producing top-notch graduates, but did you know that the campus itself is pretty well known as one of the favorite nature spots in the city?

Well, now you do.

The campus is surrounded by luscious greens all around, perfectly refreshing not just for the students who go there, but for outside visitors as well. A lot of people find it perfect for their morning jogs, and family outings on the weekend that involve biking around and a picnic. There are also several nearby food places and eateries that you can find inside. 

Photo source: Philippine Primer

There’s nothing like rejuvenating ones’ self than spending time in the great outdoors. So, we’re pretty sure you’re amped up to go and visit one of these nature tourist spots in Quezon City. And since it may take some time for all of us to travel outside the metro, there’s no easier and better way to do it than visiting your local nature spots.

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