Davao City - this metropolitan city located in the southern coastal area of Mindanao fosters some of the environmental produce – Philippine Eagle, Durian, and Mangosteen – and boasts its eco-adventure attractions. But wait! There’s more about Davao City that people might not know, here are some facts to know.

 Photo courtesy of City Government of Davao

A Safe Home. In 2015, Davao City ranked 5th as the Safest Country in the World and recently ranked 2nd in Southeast Asia having a Safety Index Rate of 72.50%. The city boasts the respect for unity in diversity among its culture, heritage, and people.

Its constituents are mostly Visayan – born, raised, and migrants. Few knew that the rest of the population are indigenous people belonging to various ethnic groups. You’ve heard it right, the city nurtures eleven (11) distinctive ethnic tribes from its islands to highlands! Let’s take a glimpse of this window of unity and friendship. There are six (6) Moro Tribes namely Iranun, Kagan, Maranao, Sama, Tausug and Maguindanaon, and five (5) Lumad Tribes known as Klata-Guiangan, Matigsalog, Ovu-Manuvo, Tagabawa, and Ata. An annual festivity is dedicated every March to celebrate and highlight their very own culture and heritage – Araw ng Dabaw. 

Photo courtesy of NewsLine.PH

Tri Prayer. As a commitment to preserve unity in diversity, the City Government of Davao has been practicing the presence of tri-prayer in every event. This is a religious representation from three (3) major groups – Roman Catholic, Islam, and Indigenous People. 

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World Class Produce. Aside from its bountiful harvest of Durian and Mangosteen, Davao has been internationally known for its world-class chocolates. Chocolate is the typical comfort food – either to reward yourself or recover from a breakup - for most people, if not all. At Malagos Chocolate, they produce chocolates from seeds to bars done right in their farm – from the unsweetened to the sweetest and darkest chocolates. This bittersweet delight is a multi-awarded product with recent recognition from the 2019 International Chocolate Awards (Asia-Pacific) and the 2019 Academy of Chocolate Awards (United Kingdom). Indeed, a world-class product from a Filipino to the world!

Photo courtesy of MindaNews

Also, Davao City is the home of both Philippine assets with the highest stature, Mt. Apo – dubbed as the mountain with the highest peak in the Philippines. Explore to know more, there are more beyond the streets and parties. 

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