Tondo in Manila has a reputation for being the most densely populated district in the city. It also has a reputation for criminality and poverty, which makes most people turn the other way around as soon as it is mentioned. But what most people don’t know is that there are several places you can visit and enjoy in the area.

The district might be known for urban poverty, but that is not to say that they don’t have some hidden treasures. It’s relatively small so going around is easy and can be done in a day. In this guide, we listed down a few interesting places you can go when you’re in Tondo.

1. Seng Guan Temple – Tondo is very near Binondo, a town in Manila referred to as Chinatown. That being said, you’ll see plenty of Chinese influences in Tondo and around it. One of which is the Seng Guan Temple that holds a major cultural center for the Filipino Chinese Community.


Photo source: Vigattin Tourism


2. Archdiocesan Shrine of Santo Niño de Tondo Parish – Completed in 1695, Santo Niño de Tondo Parish or also known as Tondo Church is one of the oldest churches established by the Spaniards in Luzon. Its neoclassical architectural style stands up and has garnered quite an attraction not just for the religious but for those who love architecture.


Photo source: Pintakasi1521


3. Divisoria – This commercial center between Tondo and Manila is quite popular for the locals (and even some foreigners) for its low-priced goods. Here, you’ll also find several malls like the Divisoria Mall, Tutuban Mall, Lucky Chinatown, and 168 Shopping Mall, where shops offer pretty much everything from party supplies, souvenirs, home, and kitchen appliances, clothes, etc.


Photo source: Dreamstime


4. Bonifacio Monument – Andres Bonifacio is one of the most famous Philippine revolutionaries of all times -specifically, the Father of the Philippine Revolution. This particular monument commemorating his birthplace can be found in front of the Tutuban Mall.


Photo source: Senor Enrique


Manila is a big city that’s rich in history and culture including Tondo. No matter how underdeveloped and notorious it is for criminals, there are still hidden gems we can find here.

From history to architecture and even from a socio-economic standpoint, Tondo is quite interesting to see and to explore.

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