Nothing beats a place that serves yummy delicious food while offering some aesthetically stunning visual. Especially during the age of Instagram, these places can instantly be a hit. Whether you’re looking for a rustic romantic atmosphere or a modern contemporary look, we’re pretty certain these cafés outside Metro Manila are a perfect fit for your Instagram feed. 

Cafe Voi La - Conceptualized by the owner, Ica Sebastian, this Asian-themed cafe and restaurant is coined after the term ‘boi la’, which means to cook with leaves. It’s also taken from ‘Voila’, which is a familiar expression that we all know. 

Photo from Cafe Voi La

Bag of Beans - This famous cafe and restaurant in Tagaytay offers not just an Instagrammable place. They also serve some amazing international dishes and an all-day breakfast menu we all love coming back to. 

Photo from Bag of Beans

Buon Giorno Cafe and Bistro - Looking for a romantic date spot? Buon Giorno’s cozy intimate setting would be the perfect background for it. Instagram-worthy too! 

Photo from Buon Giorno

Concha’s Garden Cafe - Concha’s garden-inspired restaurant is one of Tagaytay’s best kept secret restaurants serving classic and well-loved Filipino dishes. 

Photo from Concha’s

McCafé - McCafé probably wouldn’t be the first thing you’d think of to visit and chill at in Tagaytay. However, with an amazing view of the Taal and aesthetically pleasing interiors, one wouldn’t mind spending some time here. 

Photo from Spot.ph

Char’s Garden Cafe - If you’re looking for comfort food and an equally comfortable place, Char’s Garden Café would be right up your alley. 

Photo from The Queen’s Escape

The Purple Owl - The Purple Owl is a beautiful and intimate place for whatever occasions you may come up with. It is easily one of the most romantic places you can visit in Tagaytay City. You can even set up an outdoor cinema if you like. 

Photo from Rappler 

Tagaytay is easily one of the most convenient places you can visit by yourself or with your loved ones. This city offers quite a variety of attractions, restaurants, and cafés that’s not only worth to be posted on your Instagram feed but also worth every penny. 

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