The Philippines is blessed with tons of amazing and world-class beaches. From the newly reborn Boracay to the eternal majestic beaches of Palawan, travelers won’t run out of beach destinations to choose from. 

Having said that, you would think that most of the beaches in the country are already discovered, but that isn’t the case. With over 7, 641 islands in the country, there are still plenty yet to be discovered. 

If you’re looking to find your next beach trip near Manila that has just been discovered or hasn’t been overcrowded yet, then you might want to check out the list below. 

Masasa Beach (Tingloy, Batangas) - Masasa Beach is a hidden paradise that most people may not know about. Its natural beauty and impeccable beach conditions make it a must-visit destination in Batangas.

Unlike white sand beaches in the country such as Boracay’s and Coron’s, Masasa Beach has a cream shore but still gives that tropical paradise beauty with its crystal clear turquoise waters that are noticeable even from afar. Its rich and vivid marine life is also ideal for snorkeling, free diving, or scuba diving.

Photo from Wandarera

Jomalig Island (Quezon Province) - This island is truly one of the best-kept secrets in the Philippines. Despite its flaws, which is a 6-hour boat ride from Real Port, this place is still worth visiting. Also, the journey might be advantageous in having the island all to yourself. 

Photo from The Pinoy Traveler

Sibang Cove (Calayan, Cagayan Province) - Sibang Cove is a spectacular beach located in Northern Luzon. It features a rocky formation, white sand, and clear blue waters. It’s one of the many unexplored beaches yet. 

Photo from Hidden Paradise

Calaguas Island (Vinzons, Camarines Norte) - Though the travel to Camarines Norte isn’t that near to Manila and can be quite an adventure on its own, Calaguas is a place worth visiting in Luzon. It is a haven of white sand and turquoise waters, with its many islands and mountains as its backdrop. The houses built on the beach to accommodate tourists are still very few and far between and not much can be done here except enjoy nature at its finest. 

Photo from Deal Grocer

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