Boracay is one of the most famous and must-visit islands in the Philippines. It’s well known for its white-sand beaches and epic sunsets. Travelers from all walks of life have been attracted to this beautiful place for such a long time now.

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It’s so popular that over the years,  we’ve seen how this fame almost caused its destruction. With the influx of tourism came garbage that has polluted the island. In an attempt to save it, current President, Rodrigo Duterte, made a controversial move of shutting down the island last year as a means to have it cleaned. This move was met with polar opposite reactions from Filipinos especially to those whose livelihood depended on the tourism Boracay attracts – which is the majority of the population living there.

Nonetheless, we’ve seen how this action helped in preserving the island’s natural beauty once it opened during the last quarter of last year, and was more than ready for what 2020 has in store for the island. Alas, Covid-19 happened, and it was once again forced to shut down the island to keep the people living and staying there safe and healthy.

Recently, however, the national government has just announced Boracay’s reopening for local tourists from General Community Quarantine (GCQ) and Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ) areas  – October 1, to be exact.

Of course, health and safety protocols are still in place as what the IATF stated, “In this regard, the Test-Before-Travel shall be implemented and strict quarantine shall be observed immediately after undergoing the test until the date of the travel to the island.”

With that in mind, we still believe that you shouldn’t book your flight at this very moment and rush out of the door and that it is best to just wait it out and to plan your trip wisely. But that it’s not to say that we’re not encouraging you to visit this beautiful island once ECQ is lifted in your area and/or you’re safe and healthy to go on this trip. Because you should, and here’s why we think it’s worth revisiting after all this.

1. The Beach. Boracay wouldn’t be Boracay if not for its signature white sand beaches and crystal blue waters. Because of the recent cleanup, it’s probably much better and more beautiful than the last time you were there.

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2. The Locals. Filipinos in general are heartwarming and friendly people. However, given that the Boracay locals have years of welcoming people from all walks of life and different parts of the world, their warm smiles and easy outgoing personalities will certainly draw you in and make your trip that much more memorable. You’ll surely leave the island with more friends than when you came in.

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3. The Food. There is no shortage of restaurants and café both local and international ones that can be found in Boracay. Wherever you look and go to, you’ll find plenty of them to try out or eat again if you have before. If you’re big into food adventures, you’ll surely enjoy Boracay’s wide array of options you can choose from.

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4. The resorts and hotels. Whether you’re traveling within a budget or in luxury, you’ll find that Boracay has them all. There are plenty to stay in whatever mood you’re in.

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5. The community. By traveling to Boracay (following all of the health and safety measures imposed by the government), you’re not just getting the luxury of relaxing and enjoying what Boracay has to offer. You’re also helping in keeping the community thrive and survive during this difficult time.

This pandemic has taken a big toll on our tourism industry in which Boracay and other islands were hit harder than anything else. By traveling and supporting the many local businesses in these islands like Boracay, you’ll be able to help in maintaining the livelihood of many Filipinos.

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You can check out our blog on our reasons why we should travel locally for now to know more about this.

Traveling will certainly be difficult and scary right now. However, it won’t be too long now when we can all explore and enjoy the world. So for now, keep safe and healthy, and will see you in any of RedDoorz hotels very soon!


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