Things are looking quite hopeful as vaccines are slowly being rolled out all across the world. In no time, we may be able to get back to our old – new normal, whichever way you look at it. This, of course, includes traveling. 

If there’s one thing we certainly missed most, it’s traveling and exploring what the world has to offer. Especially now that the new year has started, we can’t help but imagine and daydream about living life in a tropical paradise. Thankfully, we live in a country where paradise is just but a few hours away, and where else can you find the best than the island that was voted “Best Island in the World”, Palawan? 

This title alone is enough for you to include Palawan for your post-pandemic trip. But if you still need some more convincing – which we think you don’t – then this list might do the trick!


Place worth disconnecting for – One of the best reasons to go on a trip is to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives. What better way to do it than to go on a trip on a beautiful island?

Palawan’s wonderful and amazing natural beauty invites you to disconnect from all the distractions of the world and encourages you to live in the present. This includes taking all those Instagram-worthy posts. Instead of spending time curating your feed, why not spend it with genuine moments you can only do so in real-life like making friends with locals, exploring hidden beaches, and tasting local exotic cuisines.

Photo source: Unsplash


Exploring under the sea – Ever heard of the statement, “As above, so below”? If so, then Palawan’s natural beauty can be described in such away. Yes, Palawan is known for its pristine beaches, but its underwater landscape is just as beautiful. It can’t be helped that its marine life is one of the most diverse in the world.  

From the Tubbataha Reef to Puerto Princesa’s Underground River, Palawan is not short on places and activities you can do to enjoy the underwaters.

Photo source: Tubbataha Reefs 


Seafood and exotic foods – If you don’t have allergies when it comes to seafood, then you’ll enjoy what Palawan has to offer. Fresh and very affordable, you can have a fill of your seafood favorites throughout your stay.

Now, if you’re feeling more adventurous and looking to find something more exotic than your current taste palette, Palawan offers local exotic cuisines that might tickle your fancy. Ever tried crocodile or woodworms before?

Photo source: Hopping Buddies Travel and Tours


Stunning beaches and jaw-dropping landscapes – This list wouldn’t be complete if we don’t mention what Palawan is known for – it’s stunning beaches and equally jaw-dropping landscapes. Whichever town you find yourself staying in, there’s an amazing beach you can spend an entire day with.

If you’re in El Nido, there’s Nacpan Beach and 7 Commando’s Beach; in Coron, there’s Malcapuya Island or Bulog Dos Island to name a few; and in Puerto Princesa, there’s Sabang or Nagtabon Beach.

Photo source: Remote Lands


Get lost in off-beaten paths – Palawan may be a tourist destination, but there are still plenty of areas within its islands that have yet to be explored. Towns like El Nido and Coron can get quite busy with many tourists visiting year in and year out, but there are still lesser popular towns you might enjoy too like Port Barton and San Vicente.

Go on an off-beaten path and explore places that aren’t so popular. Many hiking trails lead to amazing waterfalls or hidden gems that have yet to be discovered. Palawan is surely a place you can get lost to but still enjoy every second of it.


Photo source: VigattinTourism


Palawan is currently on its way to reopening its shores 100% for visitors. Slowly but surely, both local and foreign tourists will be able to experience and enjoy what Palawan has to offer. That being said, it’s good to be reminded as early as now to travel consciously and sustainably especially to our country’s “Last Ecological Frontier” so more generations will be able to witness and enjoy it as well.

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