We’ve all been dealing with our frustrations over the past months on how the pandemic put us all on a halt, without guarantee of when will ever step on sandy beaches, ride on a long drive with friends, and get along with locals whenever we go on travel adventures.

Equally, frustrating maybe is the truth that we are always surrounded by various cities offering magnificent views, which we all know we can easily get to.  Take for example the Ilocos Region. 

All the while we’re waiting for the day to travel again, here are 4 adventures you can do in Ilocos, soon:

  1. Sand Boarding and 4x4 at Sand Dunes

Experience a thrilling ride, going up and down the hills of the 85 kilometer La Paz Sand Dunes in Laoag. Look onto the diverse landscape and treat yourself to an amazing view in front of you. You can also feel you’re in a real desert and try the sandboarding activity - a piece of advice - don’t let your face fall to the sand because it might cause some injuries as well. 

  1. Blue Lagoon

Spend an afternoon in one of the most beautiful beaches located in Pagudpud - Miara-ira beach which hosts the famous Blue Lagoon. The body of water as they say is glowing when you see it in person. The surface of the water is turquoise in the color that when it reaches the shore it gleams and beams towards the sun making the colors burst and glow. You shouldn’t let a visit to this place as you might miss one of the best views of your life. 

  1. Town of Adams

The Town of Adams is secluded that only those who really want to get away from the crowd would appreciate it. The stillness of the environment, the hospitality of the community, the simpleness of things - these are just some of the reasons that make people fall in love with the place. Get a glimpse of the easy life here!

  1. Visit the Sinking Bell Tower

The Bell Tower of the Augustinian Church is literally being pulled back from the surface of the earth hence its namesake. Regardless of what remains to the top of the tower, it continuously serves as a beautiful reminder of the Catholic faith put in place in 1612 as the bell still rings every Sunday during mass. Many tourists still enjoy the view despite this. 

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