We’ve mentioned before how Tacloban is a great example of Filipino resiliency. As it continues to grow and develop as a city, Tacloban remains to be a humble and beautiful place to live in and to visit. 

It is one of the reasons why tourists love visiting Tacloban City. That along with the fact that there are a lot of things you can already do even if you go on a budget trip here. 

We know that times are difficult right now and finances are unstable for most Filipinos. But you can still get the best trip to Tacloban even without spending as much. To help you plan this budget trip, here are a couple of things you can include that won’t necessarily cost you a lot. 

Also, here’s our little guide should you need some help when planning a budget trip. 

Places You Can Explore 

These places around Tacloban City either have minimal fees or are for free. 

  • Visit the MacArthur Park where the famous Gen. Douglas MacArthur monument is situated. 

Photo source: Intrepid Wanderer

  • Walk leisurely or even jog along the San Juanico Bridge

Photo source: Tripzilla

  • Get to know Tacloban’s history by visiting Santo Niño Shrine and Romualdez Museum Museum with a minimal fee. 

Photo source: FAQ PH

  • Visit Kanhuraw Hill  where you can find the Madonna of Japan Park

Photo source: Tripadvisor

  • Light a candle at Santo Niño de Tacloban

Photo source: Zamboanga.com

  • Walk under the lined trees at Magsaysay Boulevard

Photo source: RMN Racloban Facebook page

  • Pay your respects or offer a prayer at the Yolanda Memorial Monument

Photo source: Jasmaella Nicole Legatona


Places Where You Can Eat

Tacloban has a lot of restaurants and shops where you can go on a major food trip. However, there are places where you don’t have to spend much to get the best flavors of Tacloban.

  • Rizal Avenue BBQ Stalls - Try out Baldevia Siblings Barbecue and Manang’s Native Chicken

Photo from Eats Now or Never

  • Burgos Street - Try out Jo's Chicken Inato Milagrina, Socsargen Grill & Seafood Restaurant, and Capitan Tiago Grill And Restobar

Photo from TripAdvisor

  • Jose Karlos Cafe - in front of the Sto. Nino Church

Photo from Ana Patricia

  • Yolanda’s Eatery

Photo from ABS CBN News

  • Nestor Flores Lechon Manok

Photo from Nestor Flores Lechon Manok Facebook page


Places Where You Can Stay

You don’t need to spend much to get the best sanitize stays during your trip to Tacloban. These hotels offer safe stays at very budget-friendly prices. 

RedDoorz @ Picas Sagkahan Tacloban

RedDoorz @ Picas Sagkahan Tacloban is an affordable hotel accommodation that resides within Sangkahan, Tacloban City. The hotel offers a convenient and comfortable staycation to travelers exploring the beautiful city.

Where: Brgy. 59, Picas Sagkahan District, Leyte, Tacloban City, Philippines
Best Price: as low as ₱ 650.00

RedDoorz @ Real Street Tacloban

RedDoorz @ Real Street Tacloban’s guests would easily find the hotel comforting and welcoming because of its interior design that resembles a family house or a mansion. It is an extension of your homes in Tacloban, Leyte.

Where:  Barangay 53, Real Street, Tacloban City, Leyte, Tacloban City, Philippines
Best Price: as low as ₱ 700.00

Ready to go on a budget trip to Tacloban City? Consider staying in any of RedDoorz hotels within the city. Our hotels within the city make it easy for you to go around and visit these places and more. Plus, with our HygienePass certification, you can rest assure that you and your family are safe during this time. 

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